Hopefulist  Training

Life Strategy Call - What's working in your life? What isn't working? We will have a jam packed session on how to include more of what you love in your daily life to eliminating what you don't like.

Price: $149

Stress-free living - Stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your life. We will work together for a more peaceful life. This four week training includes the following pillars:

1. Know your worth and setting boundaries
2. Building discipline
3. Creating habits that support your ideal life
4. Persistence and grace

Price: $299

One on one training - I want to be your personal positivity trainer!

Are you finally ready for the life of your dreams? You may know what you need to do and just don't do it or maybe you are completely lost. That is what we will figure out together.   

We will work together to address the pillars of true happiness and satisfaction. We will work on what matters most to you and set your priorities for happiness.

This five week coaching program is highly interactive and designed specifically for your needs.

We will cover the basic pillars that changed this lifelong pessimist into a Hopefulist!

That is what we will do together by covering these topics:
1. Gratitude
2. Mindset
3. Living with intention
4. Removing toxicity
5. Persistence 

Price: $349

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