Hopefulist Courses

Hopefulist Training is here! Learn the process I used to become a Hopefulist after a lifetime of pessimism. The focus is on how to transform your thoughts from a negative mindset to focusing on the positive in your life. It entails five sections with 3-4 video tutorials for each section. Here is what's covered...


1. Mindset

2. Fear

3. Gratitude

4. Remove toxicity

5. Intention

You will need a YouTube account to view the video tutorials. I will send you all the information for viewing. You will also receive a downloadable notebook and entry into a private Facebook group with like minded people to help cheer you on and boost you up! There will be a weekly Facebook Live conducted by me for any and all questions you may have.

Doesn't it sound so exciting? Are you ready to live a better life? I can show you how I did it! Only it won't take you 40+ years. Get 6 months worth of podcast information in the Hopefulist course. Or if you only have certain sections you want to work on then buy them alone. 

How do you sign up? Oh, that's easy! Just fill in your email address below! Or contact me at thehopefulist1@gmail.com.  It's all that simple. 

The cost is $49 a section. There are 5 sections to cover.