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A time to rejoice in the basics

We've all about had it with winter at this point. We are getting more snow today and even Tucker wants no parts of it. Around here we've had pretty mild winters the past few years so I guess we're due? We have to just grin and bear it. We don't really have much of a choice. But as we settle in for another bout of winter weather let's think about how it's not that big of a deal for those of us that are used to it. We typically curl up with a book or binge watch a show. Watch the flakes fall with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

But there are many experiencing life endangering conditions right now. Texas is having the coldest weather they may have ever seen. Snow, freezing temperatures and a massive loss of power. One of the things we up north may not realize is that these areas are not designed for bouts of weather like this. They don't get weather like this. A lot of areas don't even have snow plows because they are a waste of resources since snow is not only rare but usually gone in a day since the temperature bumps up right away. Not only that though, people who live in Texas don't have a full winter wardrobe because they don't need one. I mean, they do now but they never have. They don't have a closet full of winter parka's to choose from. They don't have heavy down blankets like we do up here. So when they lose their power they are freezing with little to keep them warm.

We think of a snow day like a treat but these people are facing life altering conditions. Many have been without power for days. They have no access to water, food or a place to warm themselves. There are hours long lines at fast food places with people just hoping for a hot meal. We may think they should have stocked up but even we don't stock up with supplies for five days. Not to mention anything in the fridge is spoiled by now. These people are out of bottled water and there is none to be found. There is a boil water advisory but if you don't have power you can't boil water. People are desperate for warmth and making dangerous decisions like running the car inside the garage to keep warm which is always a terrible idea but that is how cold these people are.

If you are packing in for yet another snow day here in the northeast take stock of all you have. Is your power on and your heat working? Be grateful. It's suddenly not something to take for granted. Food in the fridge, warm clothes and fluffy blankets are something people in Texas are literally dying for right now.

I have a feeling of helplessness right now since I can't just go drop off some blankets or clothes but what I could do and did do is donate to some causes going on down there. I just googled ways to help Texas and I was given a long list of organizations that are doing amazing things. I chose to donate to cause dedicated to getting hotels for people left in the cold and another donation to help the pets in need as well. I always donate to help the furballs. That's another thing to consider right now. What would you do if you found a place to stay the night that has heat finally but you can't bring your pet? This is the main reason so many people don't go to shelters. I understand why they aren't allowed but we need to work on options for people with pets. So, if you can please donate something to help these people through this very difficult time. A lot of them likely donated to this area when we were dealing with a hurricane. So it's payback time.

But mostly, be grateful for all that you have no matter how basic it seems. And have some compassion. No more snarky comments about them being unprepared. Let's help our fellow humans instead of judging and mocking.

It's a thoughtful Thursday. Put some thought into what you can do and how lucky you have it right now. Now go out there and show the world how badass you are. I'm here, cheering you on.

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