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Aging gracefully?

It's so hard to accept the fact that we are aging. I've always struggled with the choice of growing old gracefully or fighting it with every option available. I haven't really done anything as of yet. No botox, no fillers, not even any treatments for the most part. I recently bought a collagen based serum that was ridiculously expensive but didn't see any difference. I was hoping some of my age/sun spots would fade, but not so much. I got a bunch of beauty products from one of my friends for my birthday and I tried this mask yesterday. My first one! I look like Jason, no? At least you can't see that awful H between my brows that is all I can seem to see in every picture.

The real problem is you can't win no matter which direction you decide to go. If you let age do it's thing you will be judged. If you get some work done, you can usually tell and you will be judged for that as well. You can't win regardless of what you do. Did you happen to watch the show "This is Us"? They showed a future scene of Kevin all gray and he still looked hot and gorgeous. Of course, they just changed the color of his hair. It's not like they added wrinkles or anything but men are still considered distinguished as they get older. Women are just old. It's just one of those things that may never change.

How do we go about handling it then? Do we buy a bunch of low key beauty products like masks and serums? Do they really work? I would love to hear about any products that have made a difference in your life. A woman I met at the Rise Business conference is a representative for Rodan and Fields. I like what she has to say about the products. They are pricey to say the least and I'm not at a point where I can start them. But I'd like to.

When it comes to botox, I'm very hesitant. It seems that once you start something like that you can't really stop. And that is when you start to go a little overboard and look like you've had work done. Not to mention the cost of that as well. Aging is inevitable, obviously but do you embrace it or fight it?

I'm just hanging in there for now. Horrified every time I see a new dark spot show up on my face. My love of the sun is certainly not helping me. I always wear sunscreen but there is no doubt I spend way too much time in the sun and I don't see that changing anytime soon. If I will age faster, then so be it. It's one of the true joys I have in my life.

I also try to do things that will help camouflage some of my worst areas. I already mentioned the H I have in between my eyebrows. I would wear bangs if I could but they have never worked for me. I have a horrific cowlick and since my hair is curly I think bangs would look silly. But I do try to make sure my hair looks as good as possible so there is something else to focus on. I also don't mind wearing my glasses in pictures anymore because it also helps hide that dreaded H.

We can always dress nice and stylish. Put the focus on your clothes. And wear a lot of bling. I may have wrinkles but damn, look at my diamonds! I once had a friend who said diamonds are the only accessory you will ever need...lol. There are ways to work around it to put more focus on what we want to feature and downplay what we don't. Maybe that is why the brightly colored hair is so popular? To put the focus on that? Maybe.

But like it or not, we are aging. And it's always better than the alternative. It will show, you will feel it and you won't be able to do everything you used to do. This is another reason to work out and strength train...so you will be strong and able to keep doing what you love. It wards off against injuries as well. But that is another topic for another day.

For now, I'm digging into the rest of the masks I got in my gift bag. I only did this mask yesterday but haven't noticed anything different. It was very cold when I put it on though! I will move on to some more serum when I can afford it. And in the meantime, keep camouflaging!

It's Hump Day! We are halfway there people. Let's do a Wednesday. Now, go make today, your best day yet!

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