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Be Accountable

Meet my sister! I'm the one in glasses. Michele has been trying to kick the snooze button habit. She's been talking about it for a long time. I keep telling her how freeing it is to know you are getting up when the alarm goes off instead of toying with yourself for a half hour or so deciding when you will really get up. I offered to be her accountability partner. I am calling her in the morning at her designated time to make sure she is up before she has the chance to hit the snooze. It's been a week and so far, so good.

Do you have trouble holding yourself accountable? Yeah, me too. This is when you call in the squad and get you some help. Most people are willing to help if they can so all you have to do is ask. Are you trying to follow a certain eating plan or get in more physical activity? Get a buddy to check in with at the end of the day. A short text is all it takes. You just let them know whether you followed your plan for the day. Or is you didn't. Having to admit to someone that you blew it should be an incentive to keep you going in the right direction. Often we break the promises we to make to ourselves (something else we are working on, right?) but keep them to others. So make this work for you while committing to keep promises you make to yourself.

An even better scenario is a friend that you can work out with or follow the same type of nutrition plan. Getting to together a couple of times a week to get in some activity is a great way to stay on track. Or if you are both looking to include more healthy options into your diet you can swap recipes and exchange ideas. You check in with each other often to cheer each other on and help talk out missteps and what may have gone wrong.

If finances are what you are trying to overhaul then check in with your friend that is good with money and see what advice they have to offer. Set up a system where you report back to them about your spending each week. Again, having to be accountable to someone else can often keep you in check.

Think about the people in your life who are already good at what you are trying to do. Ask them for advice. Ask them for help. If I could call all of you each morning to break you of the snooze habit I would because I know it's such a game changer when it comes to productivity and your mindset for the whole day. So, don't be afraid to ask for help. Have someone you can check in with. It can make all the difference in the world!

It's taco Tuesday. Grab a taco and maybe a margarita? No, that isn't on plan for today! Have a great day. Go do badass things and find a way to hold yourself accountable. I know you can do it because I know you are badass. I'm here, as always, cheering you on.

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