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You want to be considered interesting, right? Who doesn't? Do you know which people who are considered interesting? 1. Those who are interested in others. 2. Those who do interesting things. What have you been doing during quarantine? Have you discovered a new hobby? Have you started sewing to help make masks? Are you baking more often and trying things you never have before? Trying new recipes for dinner. My husband says one of his favorite things about cooking is making other people happy with his dishes. If you have stepped it up. Share your goodies with neighbors and friends. Not only will they love you for it, but it's an opportunity to get some feedback on the food. Plus, it will make you feel good.

If the weather ever cooperates you can get outside and see if there are new activities you may want to try. When was the last time you where on a bike? Has it been forever? Get you one. Give it a try. You may be wobbly at first but you know what they say about riding a bike. Riding is one of my favorite things to do. I go all over my neighborhood. I sometimes go as far as 25 miles. It's a great cardio workout, it helps me discover a lot about what is going on in the area I'm riding and it's a great time to think and be in nature. I also love to kayak. If you know anything about me, I love boats! And it's the only issue between my husband and I. He doesn't want one and I do. As of now, we can't afford to buy and maintain a boat so he's off the hook for now. Meanwhile, I beg people for boat rides and get out on my own kayak whenever I can. There is something about being on the water, surrounded by it, that brings me a sense of peace. I love it. I used to rollerblade. That was fun. I worry I will break something now though...lol. Oh, and we just started playing pickle ball in the neighborhood last summer and plan to pick that up again.

It doesn't necessarily have to be activity based. You can learn new skills by taking online courses. Or take a history lesson. Or read books that expand your world. If you aren't a big reader, I urge you to give it another chance while we are spending so much time at home. Reading can educate you about other ways of life. It can teach you history while also telling an entertaining story. You can see how people across the world live. You can discover how some people in our own backyards grew up in totally different circumstances than we did. I believe reading can make us more empathetic, worldly, appreciative, entertained and mostly, knowledgable.

How about something like calligraphy lessons. Or knitting, crocheting or quilting? A lot of people are taking up puzzles in this time. We have all been playing more games. I've always been a big fan of good, old fashioned board games. They are such fun. Especially if you win!

Maybe you want to take up billiards or golf. Find something you can really enjoy. You can't find a new favorite hobby if you don't test things out. And then, do them! I know it seems silly to say that but a lot of people, myself included, don't do our favorite activities as often as we want. Why? Because we may not have the time to hit the green or the bike is stored in a place that isn't convenient. Maybe it's a hassle to get that kayak out and into the water. Here is my suggestion. Make it as easy and convenient as possible. Because once you start doing the activity, you rarely are sorry it took the extra effort to get it going. Make is easy so that isn't a major issue.

Maybe your thing is listening and going out for live music. If you like to see concerts, then go see them. Are they out of your price range? Then go to a local bar that has bands. They are fun too. There are also a lot of free concerts in the summer depending on where you live. Or maybe you love to dance. You can go out to do that as well. Or take some lessons. There are really so many opportunities. Just take the time to explore them. You don't have to commit to anything. Just try things out and see what fits.

Make a list of three interests you have and what you can do to expand on them. Just three things that could bring a lot more enjoyment into your life. Test them out. See if you like them. If you don't like any of them. Test out three more. Keep going until you find something that you love to do. And yes, then do them!

It's Wednesday already. We are on day 17 of #hopefulistchallenge. Are you feeling better? If you are, I would love to hear about it! Now go on with your badass self. I'm cheering for you. Now, go make today your best day yet.

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