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Be kind to your friends

As we wrap up kindness week there is something that should be automatic isn’t. Be kind to your friends! We all love a little gossip here and there but why do we feel the need to do it at the expense of our own friends? I have found that in a group of girls there is always something being said about the one girl who isn’t in the group. Maybe I just have a bad group? But it has been with several groups I have been apart of. I find that this is more of an issue with women than it is with men. Not that there aren’t men who love to gossip…but it seems to be more of a woman issue in my opinion.

I love to gossip as much as the next person but it really is so unhealthy and just downright mean. Why don’t we save our gossip for the celebrities…they are used to it! When it happens in everyday life it can really be cruel. I worked with a group at one time that was such gossip hounds it verged on toxic. This group talked so much crap about everyone in the office it made me feel so uneasy because I know the minute I walked out of the room they were talking about me. I tried to make myself feel better by reasoning that I wasn’t special…they talked crap about everyone. But it really took a toll on me. It was brutal trying to figure out what they were gossiping about me every time I left the room. Why is this so entertaining to certain people? Why do we feel the need to do it? I know it’s more of an issue with their own insecurity but that doesn’t make you feel better in the moment when you walk in a room and everyone immediately stops talking.

As someone who has always worried too much about what other people think this has been a big issue for me. I’ve always struggled with my own self-worth, so I guess this is why it’s always hit me so hard. Don’t get me wrong…I have been guilty of gossiping myself. But I’m not proud of that. These people are supposed to be your friends so why do we feel the need to drag them down? It’s awful, really.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of people gossiping about me and I have tried to just brush it off and not worry about it. I sometimes think I should just remove myself from certain groups but it seems to be everywhere. So, I just do what I do and try not to let it get to me. But this is where you can set a good example. Don’t be one of those ladies. When you get tempted to make a remark about someone, stop yourself and realize you are better than that. There is no reason to tear down other people. You certainly don’t need that to make yourself feel better about your life. You have a great life. One filled with inspiration and positivity. And this negative BS will only bring you down. Don’t stoop to that level. Go out and be the one people want to emulate!

It’s finally cocktail Friday! Get ready to grab a cold, adult beverage because it’s Miller Time! Try to spread some kindness this weekend…or at least don’t contribute to nastiness. Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. And make today, your best day yet!

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