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Be Still

I tried meditation a few years back. I gave it a good go. I was committed to it for a good six months but even after all that time it seemed more of a chore than any benefits I may have been receiving. But I wonder now. Was I only focusing on the chore? Was I looking for benefits I may have been getting? Did I truly examine if my life had changed or improved any way? Not really. And honestly, it wasn't long after that I realized I had started down my path to Hopefulness. Maybe I should give it another try.

Meanwhile, I have found other ways to be still. To let my heart tell me what it wants me to hear. I am lucky to live close to the beach. It is the one place I can still go where I don't feel the need to have something to do at all times. This time of year it's pretty empty which gives me plenty of time to walk, sit and stare at the waves and take a million pictures. It's also great in the summer. I do often take a book but I don't need it. I love to just watch the waves roll in. I love the sound of them crashing as they break. It's my form of meditation. I can and have just sit there for hours taking in the sights and sounds.

My morning routine consists of reading the goal of what I want my life to look like in a few years. I have made this so exciting that I can't wait to read it every morning. It's about a page long in my little journal and there are days that I skim right through it without really visualizing it. Then there are days like today that I read a part that puts a big smile on my face. I will have an amazing tub to relax in every night. That part gave me a smile today. Because it's something I really want. Part of projecting your future is to see yourself living as your future self. But I digress. After reading that I move on to my gratitude journal and write down my 10 most important goals I'm working toward. This puts me in the right mindset for the day. What would be even better is to have a few moments to get still or even to journal to see where my heart and mind are for each particular day. It would probably be a good idea to add a few minutes to quiet my mind (because it is really loud in there!). I read that people beginning meditation should start with 3-5 minutes. We can all give 3-5 minutes to get quiet and still can't we? Even just to test it out. Don't focus on how uncomfortable it is. Focus on any and every benefit you may be getting from it. Any benefit from 5 minutes a day is well worth it.

I know the biggest problem is we don't like being still. We are afraid. We don't want things we don't like to think about come up. We fear pain will be a result of letting our mind wander. Honestly, so many of us are afraid to acknowledge what is lurking deep inside us. Because it can be painful. It likely will be painful at times. But if thoughts keep coming up it's likely because you haven't dealt with them and it's time to do that. Once you get through that pain it will go away and stop coming back to haunt you.

Can we all commit to giving it a go? 3 minutes? Sit still for 3 minutes. It doesn't sound so bad does it? I'll give it a go if you do! It's Thursday already? Go on out there and be badass today! I'm here, cheering you on!

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