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Believe in the GOOD!

Did you ever notice how easy it is to believe bad things but so hard to trust good things will happen to us or for us? Remember when you were little and your mom used to say it's just as easy to marry someone with money than someone without? We all dismissed that but there is some truth to it. Why is it easier to believe we will marry someone who doesn't have a lot of money rather than someone who does? Because we all thought our mom was being shallow when she said that but it's true. Why wouldn't we choose to believe in something that will bring us the best possible outcome? It's just as easy to aim high than it is to aim at mediocrity.

For some reason we find it easy to think the bad stuff will happen and count out the good stuff as impossible for us. If you move forward with your day thinking the best possible things will happen for you (and be specific with your requests) they have as good a chance of coming true as the bad stuff. If we spent the time and energy we do on wishing things did happen to us instead of hoping stuff doesn't happen to us...we would all be much better off.

What is it about you and your life that makes you think you won't get anything good? Why does everyone else get a good life but you never get what you want? Do you think you have worse luck than everyone else? Do you think deep down that maybe you don't deserve what you seek? Or is it the way you think about your life and your day that is holding you back.

If you start to believe that the life you want is available and possible for you, it will start to manifest itself. You will have to do the work it takes to get that life. It's not magic. You have to take action to make that life come to fruition but it is so much easier when you actually believe it can happen. And this time of year makes it easy to see how believing in your dreams can be possible. There is a certain wistfulness about the holiday season that makes you believe anything is possible. Go with that! Keep it up all year long. Apply it to every aspect of your life.

It really is just as easy to assume the best will happen. It doesn't mean you don't prepare for the worst. But expect the best. There is nothing wrong with anticipating potential problems so you are ready for them and know how to work through them. But the expected problems may not arise at all so don't worry or assume it will happen. Prepare for it just in case but once the plan is in place then put those worries aside and think positive thoughts. Thoughts that you will achieve all your hopes and dreams. Because I want for the very best for you. I don't want you to just live a great life, I want you to expect it!

It's the big eating holiday tomorrow! Do you have your fat pants ready? I sure do! Have a fantastic holiday. Expect the best but have a plan in case the worst happens, then enjoy! I hope you have lots of yummy food and a great kick off to the holiday season! I will talk to you on Monday! I'm so thankful for all you. Now, go be badass. I'll still be here, cheering you on!

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