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Believe in Yourself

We've been working on our faith all week. Faith in our abilities. Faith in how we perceive ourselves, talk to ourselves, think about ourselves. We've even realized that some of the things we don't like about ourselves can serve some purpose. Now, I need you to start believing in yourself. Belief that whatever it is you want, you can have. That you have the power within you to manifest your deepest desire into being. You will have to do the work. Both mentally and physically. You will have to be committed. You will have to continue to believe even when no one else does. And you have to keep pushing for your dream to come true. No one will ever care more about your dream than you. YOU have to be the one to make sure it happens.

This "Hopefulist" journey I'm on just sprouted a little over a year ago. I found myself without a job, like many of you may be right now. And I wondered how I could make money doing something I loved without having to worry about getting fired for "whatever" reason. Like, a global pandemic, maybe? I had started a blog for fun. Then I thought maybe it could be more. Then the podcast idea hit. But I wasn't making any money at it. I started following some people on social media that are in the same type of business I'm in and watched what they did. I went through the first six months thinking I would just stay with my plan. Someday I will make money on the podcast. But then I realized it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. I went to a combined business/personal growth conference and it helped me come up with other options for my new business. Options I hadn't thought of before. Options that kind of scared the bejeezus out of me. But I pushed on. I'm working on all kinds of things now. None of them have come to fruition yet, but they will. I have faith. I keep working on things and one day I will be ready to launch. One day soon, I hope!

The point is...a dream can come at any time. You can start it at any age. You may only know what the very first step is. That's okay...it's all you need to know to start. The path will unfold as you go along. I know this because it's what happened to me. I didn't just wait for them to come to me though. Some of them did. But the majority were from me seeking answers. Following the leaders in my business and wondering if I could do something similar to what they were doing. I went to a business conference and that really helped tap into some money making options. I'm still a work in progress. But I plan to be for the rest of my life so that doesn't scare me. I hope it doesn't scare you either. The only thing we can count on in this world is change. If this time has taught us anything is that everything can change in a moments notice. The whole world can shut down. And then you may have to start over again. How can you move forward, pursuing your dream life in a way that relies very little on the world closing down again? I know it's tough. But is there something? Something that you enjoy. Because if you don't enjoy what you are doing you won't stay committed to it. Put some real thought into it.

Here is where the faith part comes in. You will likely come up with many ideas on what you can do and you will quickly dismiss them as something you can't pull off or do. I'm here to tell you, yes you can. If I can do some of the stuff I learned over this past year, anyone can learn anything. I know how to build a web page. I can write a newsletter and send it out to all my email subscribers (and most of the time it's even a little pretty). I can trouble shoot some tech issues. I have learned so many things over the past year I thought I would never need or had interest in learning. But it's part of the path to make my dream come true. So, I learned! I still have to do things through this process that I dislike. I hate tedious activities, I suck at organization, I have a hard time forcing myself to practice. But these are all things that need to be done. And if I want my business to succeed, I will get them done. It's not all glory all the time. But if you do the hard work now, it could be all glory later. When everything comes easy to you. And you have it all running like a clock and you can relax a little bit. That's the day I'm dreaming of. I'm not even close to there yet. But once I start bringing in a little money, the first thing I'm doing is hiring someone to do all my organizational and tedious tasks. But that day is not here yet so I'm pushing through.

What is it you really want? It may not be a business. It may be a location to live. A certain type of house. A better relationship with your kids and spouse. A community group where you can learn or teach or find fun activities. Whatever it is you want, big or small, you can have. You just have to use your noodle a little. Figure things out as you go.

Here is what I would like you to do. How would you like to see you living your life in 10 years time? Where do you live? What does it look like? What do you do when you wake up first thing in the morning? How does your day unfold? What is your dream life? Write out a couple of paragraphs with everything you want to see in it. Be specific. Now, read it. Read it again. How do you get to that place with that life? What is the first step? Take it and think about how you get to the end result. Think about it every day. Work toward it every day. I know you can do it. And I know you are worth the work. What is more worthy than living your dream life?

It's finally cocktail Friday y'all! We made it to the freakin' weekend! I hope you come out of this week with a little more faith. Remember, it's always how we look at life. If you think your life is great, it will be. If you think it sucks, you will be right. Use the right words. And believe. Now, go have a weekend. I'm cheering for you! And make today, your best day yet.

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