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Building discipline into your life

We all want better habits and have more discipline in our lives. We say there are things we want to adopt into our daily lives but after we keep trying for a little while we give up because it becomes hard. We find excuses. We rationalize why it's better if we don't keep up with it. This is all coming from your brain who likes the same old, same old. Your brain feels safest when it knows what is coming. And you can't fool your brain...even if the new habit you are undertaking doesn't mean immediate change the brain sees what you have in mind on the horizon and it will try to stop you. And it may have in the past. But no more. You are learning and improving and knowing yourself, your triggers and obstacles much better than every before. And as Maya Angelou says; "When we know better we do better."

When it comes to living with intention you are likely in a place where you know what has worked for you and what hasn't. So take that information and formulate a new plan. Now that you know better you know you can do better. What is your goal? What is the intention you are starting with each day? To lose weight, improve health, start working out, getting more organized, getting that project done at work, striving for that promotion, getting that side hustle started, getting to a 4.0 skill level in pickleball? Whatever it is remember what has stood in your way in the past and how you can avoid that or overcome that in the future.

When living with intention and taking on new habits try not to do too much at once. That will set you up for failure. I already explained how your brain tries to keep you exactly where you are so taking on anything new is challenging but taking on a whole slew of new habits will completely overwhelm you. Take your time. Pick the most important first and work on that and when you feel that is ingrained into your life tack on another new habit. Always keep in mind that going slow is so much better than fast and failure. Even if it takes a year longer than you plan that is still faster than constantly starting and stopping. DON'T RUSH SOMETHING YOU WANT TO LAST FOREVER! I just love that statement. We are a society of instant gratification but we know on a logical level that isn't typically possible. Even with those weight loss commercials when you see someone who did lose a lot of weight fast have you noticed that in the bottom corner it says; "results not typical". That's right! It's not easy and it won't happen overnight. We all need to lower our expectations and take one day at a time as much as we want to speed things up.

Another huge thing that will help you live more with intention and build more discipline into your lives is accountability. Yes, that's right! You need someone or something to make sure you are doing the things you say you are going to do. In addition to keeping those promises you make to yourself you will have to prove to someone else you have as well. This is when a friend comes in handy. One that will not let you off the hook when you fall off track. Someone that will scold you kindly and tell you to get off your butt and get moving. A group can be another way to keep you accountable. Find a group of like minded people inspired to bringing more discipline into their lives and cheer each other on.

You need encouragement. You need to feel empowered. You need someone to believe in your when you can't find the strength to do it in the moment. A coach or trainer is another way to make this so much more powerful. This is why people who hire a personal trainer are so much more successful than those who go to the gym on their own. Not only do you have someone to hold you accountable but someone who will cheer you on, lift you up and celebrate you all along the way. They also have the knowledge to help you around obstacles that come up and may see stopping blocks before you do so you can avoid them altogether.

If you are serious about making a particular change find someone to hold you accountable to do what you say you are going to. Someone who will be committed to checking in with you and making sure you are on track. In fact, I can be that person for you if you are interested in doing some personal positivity training. It's all part of the five pillars of being a Hopefulist. And I would love to be the one to help guide you toward making the life of your dreams come to fruition.

But it doesn't have to be me. It can be anyone that will be committed to the process. But please figure out the most important goal and start there. What worked, what didn't and how can you try again now knowing better? And go from there. You can do this. I know you can. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to if you have the proper plan and support system. Now get to it!!!

If you would like to know about personal positivity training please contact me for a free call to see if working together is something that would be beneficial to you. You can check out hopefulist.com/training or shoot me an email at thehopefulist1@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you and figure out how we get you to living the exact life you design.

Now go out there and be badass this week. I'm still here cheering you on.

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