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As much as we want it to be true…not every day will be the greatest day. Life is full of amazing moments and the goal is to get from one to the next as often as possible. Fill your life with days that you will remember but in between there will be ordinary days. And that’s okay!

You can find greatness in the ordinary. There is a comfort to routine and habits. That is why we have them. As long as your habits are working for you instead of against you, that’s good. There are the days that will always live in your mind as great. The day you graduate from high school. College graduation. The first day on a new job. The day you get married (I hope). The day your children are born. All the milestone moments with them. As time goes on great moments change. A promotion at work. Making more money. Buying your dream house. Bucket list vacations. Starting your own business (although that can be done while you are just starting out as well). But there is a lot of ordinary living in between these awesome moments. Make them as special as you can. Find as much joy in every day that you can. This is what I am here to help you find.

I just got back from a great vacation. I had two whole weeks to spend with my sister who lives very far away. We only see each other once or twice a year. Then last week, we went to see my brother and sister in law at their beach vacation home for the week. We all had a wonderful time (at least I think everyone did!) I will relish in the fresh memories of our great time. And we will check in with each other more often for the time being because we have so much to talk about now that we are all caught up in each other’s lives.

But while I’m enjoying the memories we just made I also have many things to look forward to. Hopefully we will make plans to go back to the Outer Banks within the next year or so.

But meanwhile, I’ve got my Rise small business conference with Rachel Hollis coming up next month. I’m so super psyched about this! Then in February I’m going to see my guru…Oprah! And guess what we just bought???? Tickets to see Hugh Jackman in the Music Man on Broadway next year. We aren’t going until next December, but I can’t wait. It was a high-ticket item but to see Hugh Jackman in person doing one of my favorite musicals calls for a credit card splurge! Having things to look forward to is always good.

Meanwhile, I will try to make the most of every day. Just like I always talk about….gratitude. That is the number one way to make your days better. If you are thankful and find things to look forward to every day then you will enjoy your days so much more. I can’t tell you how often I walk into my own house, look around and still can’t believe I live here. I don’t have the greatest house on the block but it’s on the water in the location I want. I have decorated in the way that is the most aesthetically pleasing to me and it’s perfect for me, Joe and Tucker. I love taking it all in and reminding myself how lucky I am. I had a dream and I made it happen. With a little help along the way. Thanks Babe!

Not every day is going to be amazing but you can make most days great. This is why I always sign off with “Make it your best day, yet”. You can always strive to have a better day today no matter how great yesterday was. And isn’t that the goal? To always be in the moment and make the present the best it can possibly be? Stick with me…I’ll get you there!

It’s taco Tuesday. So, grab a taco and think about what you can do to make every day a little greater. What things can you incorporate that will make you look forward instead of back? Now, start doing it! And make today your best day yet!

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