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It's my birthday, it's my birthday. It's a big one too. The big 5-0! How in the world did I end up being 50 years old? It seems impossible yet I know that number is accurate. I don't typically make a big deal about my birthday. I usually like to go out and get a drink and see some friends. Maybe a nice dinner. Oh, but my husband is required to make a big deal. That's his job...to make me feel special on my birthday. And vice versa. But I usually play it down when it comes to gifts because we've usually spent a lot on Christmas and are still trying to recover. That doesn't happen for his August birthday! But anyway, I wanted to do something special since this is a milestone.

My BFF from first grade was able to take some time off and come spend a couple days with me so I'm so excited about that. I'm planning to get a tattoo as well. It's something I have wanted to get since I went to my Rise business conference with Rachel Hollis back in November. So many people ended up getting words to inspire them and keep them focused on their path. I waited a while and then decided it would a cool thing to do on my birthday. I will post pics when it's done...so don't worry.

After that we will grab some lunch at a place that serves tots! Yes, tater tots. I love tater tots! I will likely have a burger too since I haven't had one of those in over a month. Then we are heading to one of my favorite spots close to home and I invited a bunch of my friends in the hood to join me for a drink. I'm super excited. I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

So, I'm surrounding myself with things and the people I love. Including that fur ball that just dissed me when I came home and went to see her daddy first. She's dead to me, but she doesn't realize it yet. I don't know, maybe I'll get over it. But I will treat myself to whatever I want because it's my day. And I'm a whole half century old. I was told that once you hit the 50 mark, if you are playing football, then you start going backwards. I like that. I'm on the 50-yard line and heading to the 49! I'll take it.

Some people don't make a big deal out of certain things and I agree that birthdays are one of those things you didn't actually do anything...you were just born. But hey, we are celebrating the fact that we've had so many years of having someone wonderful like you in the world. Yes, birthday's are like your own personal holiday and it's only once a year so go with it. Just sit back and enjoy. Let people fuss over you. Because they probably don't most other times of the year.

So, that is what I will be doing today. Celebrating me and surrounding myself with the things and people that mean the most to me (that can be here). So, to me! And hopefully another 50 more!

It's Taco Tuesday. Grab a taco and think about what you deserve to celebrate or be celebrated for. And go for it. And make today, your best day yet.

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