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Celebrate YOU!

Did you do it? Did you set a goal for the end of this week? Did you achieve it? Me too! Isn’t it exciting? I got that email list started. I got my response email with my special holiday tips out and actually working. It’s been a ride; I can tell you. Like I said yesterday, if I hadn’t had this self-imposed deadline I may have bagged the whole thing because I really couldn’t figure it out. I had to reach out to tech support from my website to get it going and I’m still actually waiting to hear back from them for one more issue but I did it. I got it done. I had to ask for help but that is okay. And you know what? It feels great! Celebrate with me!

Or did you not get to your goal this week? Did you set a goal? If you did and didn’t get it done, what was it that stopped you? Was it something that couldn’t be helped? Was there some sort of pressing issue that popped up? Because that happens. I don’t know what type of goal you set for the weeks end (or if you did at all) but you know if it’s something you could have gotten done or if you blew it off. It’s a busy time of year. I know, I get it. But we were trying to focus on finishing strong. Do you feel that you gave it your all this week? Did you really try to do everything to the best of your ability? Because that is all you can ever do. That is all I ask of you. But ask yourself if you REALLY gave it all or are you just saying you did to make yourself feel better. Because it’s not my life that isn’t being lived to its fullest potential. It’s yours.

If you did get to that finish line…that end goal, then let’s celebrate! It’s the freaking weekend and I’m ready to do a little well-deserved rest and relaxation. I’m going to surround myself with holiday joyousness and take it all in. It’s almost here! And I’m going to enjoy my holiday knowing I worked my butt off right up to the very end of the year. I didn’t coast this last month. I will even be at work next week. That’s right. I will be doing the blog and podcast next Monday and Tuesday (Christmas Eve), taking off Wednesday and Thursday but then back on Friday. But for now…I’m coasting this weekend and treating myself really nice. I’m really super proud of myself for getting this done, finally. I have been dreading it and knowing I would have a hard time figuring it out. I was right and I should have been dreading it. But now I know more than I did when this week began and I can keep my email marketing plan going. Growing and growing into the new year!

If you didn’t get to tackle your goal this week don’t be too hard on yourself. It is a joyous time of year. We will be getting really whipped into shape soon. But I feel a little bad if you didn’t get to that goal. Because you don’t have this incredible feeling of accomplishment. You don’t feel so proud because you did something you were afraid you couldn’t do and then did it. I’m telling you. It’s a great feeling and I hope if you aren’t feeling it now than I you will soon. Stick with me. You’ll be so proud of yourself soon. You’ll see!

Now, it’s Friday morning so if you still have time before the end of the day to get that goal achieved…I urge you to do it. It feels so good! Check! But if you can’t than chide yourself a little then let yourself off the hook. It is the weekend. And I want you to enjoy yourself. 5 more days until Christmas! It’s almost here!

Now, go make today….your best day yet!

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