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Chasing your dream

Studies show it is the process of chasing a dream rather than the achievement that brings the most happiness. This is why it is so important to always have another goal to go after. It makes sense if you really think about it. Once you achieve a goal, there is a period of elation and achievement but once that wears off…what comes next? This is when you need to level up! Take the old dream up a notch or start pursuing something completely different. It depends on what your goal is and how far you feel you want to go.

My sister completed an Ironman competition over the weekend and I’m sure she is still on a high from it. She said as she crossed the finish line, she would never do another one again but apparently this is what most people say as they finish something so psychically draining. She’s already talking about doing another half Ironman so she certainly doesn’t plan to sit around and watch t-v for the rest of her life….thank goodness. While I was at the race, I heard many people completing their 4th, 5th and even more Ironman competition. Maybe this is what athletes do (I wouldn’t know since I am not an athlete) as they finish a hard worked for goal, they try to increase their number of races or their own personal timing.

When it comes to other types of dreams, many of them…unlike a physical goal…are ongoing. You can just continue to build. I’m trying to build my Hopefulist brand and as my numbers increase and more people discover what I do, I have no end in sight. My dream consists of building on itself. There will never be too many people listening to this podcast or reading my blog. The more the better! I do have numbers that I am shooting for in my head but there is no end point like there is at a sporting event.

This is why professional athletes often get into broadcasting and coaching when they retire from their particular sport. They are often still young and need something to do for the rest of their lives. It’s about chasing that next goal you set for yourself. The glory is in the process more than the achievement because the process is what you do every single day. There is nothing like getting that dream but it’s not something that can be sustained for very long. By nature, we always want more. And we should want more.

So, as you move toward your dreams and goals figure out what would come next. What is the next step in the process of dream chasing for you?

It’s Taco Tuesday! Grab a taco and enjoy this first day of October. A brand new month full of possibilities and opportunities. Now, get to chasing that dream. And make it your best day yet!

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