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Clarity leads to intentional living

Clarity. It helps with every aspect of your life. When you know your why you can focus more intently on your goal and what it means to get there.

Imagine with me for a moment the end of your life. You're sitting in your rocking chair and you are looking back on the sum of your entire life. How do you feel? Do you have regrets? We all some regrets I would think but the less the better. Are you proud of how you lived your life? Did you live while afraid which kept you from trying new things? Did you coast most of your life because you didn't want to get up off the couch because you're 9-5 job left you exhausted everyday? Did you let your health get away from you because you couldn't buckle down and create the habits you needed to in order to live with optimal health?

How do you want to feel on that day when you are looking back? What type of person do you want to be remembered as? Are you close to that picture now? Are you working toward being close to that picture? No? You are not alone. More than likely you haven't even thought about it. Most people don't. But it's when you take the time to do such an exercise that what you really want becomes crystal clear. This is how you start to run your day instead of letting the day run you because you have a goal. You know what you want. And you are willing to live with intention in order to get there.

For example, are you looking to get into better health? Do you want to lose weight for a specific purpose or is it just to look and feel better? A specific purpose, like your daughters wedding or a high school reunion is fine. Any why is better than just rolling along. But if something like that is your goal then buy a dress or cut out a picture of it so you will see it everyday. You will be reminded several times a day why losing weight is important. But you need a plan. You need to come up a plan that you will follow each and every day until you hit your goal. Again, whether it be to fit in a dress or live longer to be around for the kids and grandkids...it's that clarity that gets your butt in gear.

Do you want to be remembered as someone who was adventurous? Then you need to go on adventures! Or is it more about kindness? Are you being kind and spreading kindness? What can you do every day to make that happen?

If you want to be confident and sure of yourself then you need to make decisions and stick with them. Even if you fail you have learned something that you can avoid in the future and that in itself is a confidence builder. In order to be confident you have to be willing to try things you know nothing about so you are overall confident instead of just in certain areas. How do you do this? By trying new things and learning about things you don't currently know about. Take chances and take every opportunity that may hold some interest for you. It may not work out or it may be the greatest fun you've ever had.

Once you get clarity and figure out that why you can plan for how it will done. Make a plan and stick to it. And remind yourself often of the reason why you have decided to go on this journey. We all wish we were more like certain people in our lives (I think) so ask them how they go about planning their day, week, month. And when you are in doubt about yourself ask what you think they would do if they were faced with making an excuse to get out of something hard or just go ahead and do it. Even better? Make them your accountability partner. Ask them if they will check in with you several times a week to see if you are living intentionally and doing what you say you will do. It's amazing how much more committed we get when there is some sort of accountability involved. It doesn't even have to be a specific person...just someone who will check in on you to see who you're doing.

What is it you want most in this life? No matter your age there is still time. I spent the first 40+ years of my life being miserable and I'm so glad I figured out how to be happier in my late 40's. It's way better than never. Even in your 60's and 70's. If you can find something that brings you happiness even for those last few years it will be worth it. Trust me.

I am a much happier person now because I live intentionally. First and foremost I follow the five pillars of 'The Hopefulist' which one is living with intention. But I also intentionally stay in the right mindset, feel gratitude, make sure my life is void of toxicity (as much as possible) and I persist in all these habits. It's a decision and then an action that I take everyday. And I set up my days so I run them instead of them running me.

I actually have a series right now on Instagram about creating a morning routine. If you aren't following me there, start. @the_hopefulist. A morning routine is the best way to set your day up exactly as you need it to be to make sure you are getting in everything you need to. Please check it out. Completely free and posted several times a week.

If you would like some help with getting clarity and where you want to be at the end of your life let me know. I can help you figure it all out and start living with more intention. It's really so easy once you figure out why it's important to you. Just shoot me a message at thehopefulist1@gmail.com to set up your free call.

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