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Commit to Happiness

Do you want to be happy? Shouldn't we be willing to do anything in order to be at the ultimate happiness? Yet, so often we don't want to be bothered. We don't want to do the things it will take to bring us happiness. Why? Because it feels like work. It feels like work because it is work. But here's the thing, everything takes work to achieve. EVERYTHING. We have to build a house before we can live in it. Once we move in we have to keep up maintenance on it. We have to work at making our meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. We have to work at our jobs for other people in order to secure a paycheck. We have to work while raising our children to be responsible, functioning human beings. We have to work on our fitness if we want to stay in shape. We have to work when we are learning new things by studying. We have to work and practice at games and hobbies that we partake in. Why, oh why, do we think we don't need to work on our own happiness?

One of the hardest things for me to do in this work is to convince you to do the work it will take to bring you the happiness we so desperately want. We seem to think that happiness should just come to us. I know, I thought it for so many years too. But nothing just comes to us. We have to work for everything in this life. Why would your happiness be any different? And again, this should be work we are willing to dive into. Submerse ourselves in the how-to in order to see results as fast as possible. I take a lot of online courses. When I start a new one I can't wait to watch each and every video to get the most of out it as quickly as I can. How can I convince you to approach the work toward your happiness with the same vigor?

I'm not talking about hours on end. I'm talking about a few minutes everyday and a few extra minutes weekly, monthly and yearly in order to set goals. Get ready because here I go again. A gratitude journal is the absolute best tool you can use to change your thinking from one of lack to one of abundance. When done properly, a gratitude journal will help you to see how much you have as opposed to what you don't.

It is something that literally takes to 5 to 10 minutes a day. It's something that is best done at the same time every day and you go over the past 24 hours. Pick out things that made you smile, that made you feel thankful, that made you realize how good life can be. While writing these things down make sure you feel the gratitude. Go over the items on your list and concentrate on how happy these events/items made you. It will be tough at first to find things to put down in your journal. This is how it works with everything. New things are difficult because you aren't used to doing them. But soon, you will find yourself looking for things throughout the day to record in your journal. Do not repeat items more than once a week. If you write the same thing down everyday you are defeating the purpose of looking for more joy throughout the day.

Commit to doing the work it will take to get your life exactly as you wish it to be. Sometimes you have to ask yourself some tough questions. Sometimes you have to set aside some extra time to envision what is next for you. To write things down as reminders and then read them. Read books, take courses, listen to podcasts. It's probably the most entertaining and fascinating WORK you will ever do.

Who is committed to doing the work??? Can I get a "shell yeah"! Let's make this a great hump day and be badass. I'm always here, cheering you on.

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