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Confidence – Behaviors to Adopt

(Thank you Marcy for this awesome picture!) Did you ever date a nerdy guy but they had so much confidence they were cool? I had a boyfriend once who wasn’t great looking and kind of nerdy. But he was so sure of himself and who he was that he didn’t seem nerdy at all. This guy had something that I always lacked…a ton of self confidence. He knew exactly who he was and he was more than okay with that. I so admired that about him.

I know that gaining confidence in yourself is easier said than done. I was listening to a podcast by Rachel Hollis last week (author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing) and she was interviewing someone who had some great words of wisdom. The path is simple….it’s not easy but it is simple. Gaining self confidence is simple…it really is. You have to build yourself up. You have to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself what you love about yourself. You have to find those things and remind yourself constantly of how worthy you are of everything you desire in this word. Mostly you have to believe it. Easy??? Now way Jose! But it really is that simple.

I just discovered a new song that may help with this. I can’t tell you how much “The Greatest Showman” is helping on my path. I’ve already talked about how much I love Pink’s version of “A Million Dreams” and how much it pumps me up. Have you noticed the latest Google commercial? They are playing a song called “This is Me” which is also from that movie. I really liked this song when I heard it on the commercial so I did some searching and not only do they have the original version but they have another version from Kesha singing it. I love Kesha. I think I’m going to purchase one of these versions…not sure which yet. I’m listening to them both until I see which one girls me chills the most. Listen to the words of this song. It’s the anthem of the movie and sung by the cast of “oddities” who are hired for Barnum’s museum. It starts out pointing out their flaws and then flipping it to say this is not only okay but it’s what makes them them! This is me! That’s right goshnabbit! This is me…and I make no apologies! Listen to this song….absorb the lyrics. They are very powerful. The great thing about truly having confidence is you really don’t care what other people think of you. Do people think your strange…who the heck cares? This is YOUR life and you live it the way you will be happiest without fear and regret. This is ME!!! (Okay, I went back and bought the whole “Reimagined” album for the Greatest Showman. I already had the Pink song so it was only an addition $5.60 to get the rest of the album and guess what? Now I have all versions of these songs and a remix of “This is Me” with a great vocal intro! Get it…totally worth the money!)

As I mentioned yesterday, find those things you love about yourself already (or like, the love will grow). Focus on them…they will lead you to more that you love. What are you good at? What do you do often? Have you ever seen how many things parents can put on a resume? Chef, nutritionist, chauffeur, stylist, event organizer…etc, etc. Which part of these activities do you excel at? Which do you love doing? Concentrate on those things. Do more of them. You are naturally good at things you love. Find the love. Find the love for yourself and it will help you find what you love. Keep searching…it’s a never ending journey.

Wherever you are right now…go to a mirror and find one thing you love about yourself. That’s an order. It can something as simple as your nails or shoes. Your eyes….your glasses. Focus on this. Start finding more and more everyday. This will build your confidence. Talk to yourself like you would your best friend. Every little bit helps. Keep at it. Don’t talk bad about yourself. Not even as a joke! Just don’t do it! It will undo all the work you are doing on yourself.

It’s really simple…nope, not easy at all. But yes, the path is simple. You just have to do it. And I know you can. Get going…build yourself up! You are amazing! You are worth. You are you! And there is no one better to be! (And get the Greatest Showman Reimagined!)

It’s Tuesday…go grab a taco and have your best day yet!

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