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Controlling our FEAR.

We are often afraid and we aren't even sure of what. We have all these fears running through our head and often our greatest fears never come true. What if I end up alone forever? What if I never have kids? What if I never get that promotion? What if my marriage breaks up? These are real fears but more times than not, they never even happen. It's such a waste of time to worry about things that can or can't happen. But how can control these out of control fears? Make a plan for the worst!

It's no fun to think of a worst case scenario, let along making a plan for it. But honestly, aren't you always thinking about the worst anyway? Aren't you always afraid to start or end something based on some sort of fear even if you aren't being specific about it. We worry if we leave our job to start our own business that we will go broke. That is why an undertaking such as that takes planning. And make a plan for what happens if you do fall flat on your face. You won't die because of it. You may lose your house. You may struggle with bills. You may have to start over again. Only you can decide if the possible pro's outweigh the possible con's. The first step is to have a plan in place for whatever happens. Even if it's the worst thing possible. After you come up with that plan, something amazing happens. You are free. You don't have to think and worry about it all the time because you know exactly what you will do.

This goes for every area of your life. Make a plan for what happens if you never find your soul mate and do end up living single for your whole life. What can you do to make the most of it? How can you make life the happiest for yourself without having someone intimate in your life to share it with? What will happen if your marriage fails? What will you do? How will you handle it? I don't think considering such issues means you think your marriage will fail. I simply think it means we want to be aware of our options at all times. Someone can cheat or develop a drug habit or even turn to a life of crime. You just never know...did you see "Breaking Bad"??? But having a plan in place will set your mind at ease. So, you don't have to worry.

Come up with a plan for a worst case scenario for whatever it is you are most afraid of. I bet the end result of the plan isn't nearly as bad as all the possibilities floating in your head at all times of the day. Once you come up with the plan, you will hopefully realize that even the worst isn't as bad as you thought it would be. And if it does happen, you are ready! So do it. Make a plan. It's not fun. But it's better than torturing yourself on a daily basis thinking about "what if".

It's Monday! My favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities! Now, go be your badass self. I'm cheering for you.

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