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Counting Blessings

Christmas is over. It's something we typically look forward to and when it's over we can be left feeling a little underwhelmed. This is the time to count all our blessings. This picture is a few of my favorite moments from this holiday. Look back and remember. Wrap yourself in the warm memories and be grateful.

We had an amazing holiday. We got to spend time with loved ones and spoiled one another with the perfect gifts. Tucker made out pretty well too! My cousin even got her a boat so now everyone has a boat besides me! Not actually true. My cousin also got me a little boat but it doesn't float and I can't sit in it. But it's all in good fun.

Joe and I did our traditional opening of gifts on Christmas Eve morning since we would be away from home on Christmas morning. We had a lovely morning and then a big, fattening breakfast. (Ugh, the weight I'm putting on this year...oy!) Then we relaxed a little and played with our new toys! Then got all the gifts together in order to play Santa Claus. We even got a tray of my husbands traditional Christmas breakfast of croissants and pastries for his mom's house so the rest of the family could enjoy them when they came to visit.

We didn't get to spend as much time as usual with family due to Covid but we were able to visit with Joe's mom for a little bit on Christmas Eve. Then off to my cousins where we would spend the next day. My stepfather was able to join us for an amazing dinner of Prime Rib cooked by my Joe of course.

We settled in after dinner to watch the new Disney movie 'Soul' which was very good. Great message. A few adult beverages, pie and togetherness. It was perfect. So when you start to feel bored and let down remember the perfect moments on this holiday season.

Were you able to give a nice Christmas to your kids, grandkids or other loved ones in your life? Were you able to see those most important to you? Were you able to relax and just rest for the first time in forever? Take your favorite moments and revel in them. Spoon feed them to yourself when you need it most. It's been a tough year for all of us. But I'm sure there were some moments over the holiday that you will look back and cherish.

It's Monday! A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. I hope you make the most of them. And of course, be badass...I'm always right here, cheering you on.

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