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Dealing with FEAR

Last summer I had the chance to realize one of my dreams. To speak publicly in front of people spreading the word of the Hopefulist. It was something I had been working toward since I started this business. The chance to tell my story and hopefully help others change their lives for the better. But the preparations weren't going as planned. Everyday I would wake up and find an excuse for not practicing my speech. I kept putting it off. It got to the point where I considered canceling the event. Then I realized I was self sabotaging. Even though it was my dream to speak to people in a public setting it was scary as hell. Getting up in front of people and baring my soul. But this is what I wanted so why was I scared? Because there was a lot on the line. Not only was I afraid of looking at those people in the eyes but I what if I sucked? What if I wasn't cut out to be a public speaker at all? What would that mean for my whole business? There was a whole host of things to be afraid of. Once I realized it was fear that was holding it me back it forced me to push through it in order to make my dreams come true.

We all fear some things. A lot of it is related to change, fear of the unknown, losing comfort and having to challenge ourselves over and over again. Not only does fear suck but there is so much of it happening on a subconscious level and we aren't even aware of it. This is when we need to dig deep and find out what is really going on. Because the thing that fear does the most is hold us back. It's not until we face it head on that we can overcome it. One of my favorite sayings is; "Run straight at your fear. Fear hates when you do that."

All the rest of this month we will get into the types of pain we fear experiencing. The different fears we face everyday and an ongoing basis. The fear of not getting what we want and the fear of getting what we want and what that means. How a life changing can bring about a lot of discomfort and how we can deal with that. One thing we must always do though is face our fears and never allow it to stop our dreams from coming true. It's time to be brave. It's time to build up that courage. I know you can do it. It's not easy but once you break through you will realize it wasn't as scary as you thought it would be. You know what they say; "Everything we want is on the other side of fear". So let's get to it.

It's Monday! A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. Go on out there and be badass today. You know I'm right here, cheering you on.

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