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Discipline will get you there!

I am the Queen of self help/personal development books. I read so many of them but they never seemed to help me other than giving me a bit of inspiration until the book was done. I was never able to carry the information over into my real life. Once the book was done so was my quest to become a happier person. It finally took one book to make me realize what I had been doing wrong all that time (although I was highly suspicious what it was all along). Many of the books offered exercises and asked deep questions that I really didn't want to dive into. You know, because they would be hard questions to answer or even worse, painful to answer. We seem to be so afraid of our own thoughts. At least I was. I still am to an extent. It's really hard to ask yourself questions that will bring up feelings of pain and sadness but that is (unfortunately) exactly what we need to do to move forward and get past things that are holding us down.

The one line from 'You are a badass" by Jen Sincero that convinced me to do things differently that time was; "Just be willing to try anything. If it doesn't work, then go back to your crappy life." Okay, when you put it that way, maybe there is something I've been doing wrong all this time. It can be tough work at times. But I promise it is worth it.

The other issue that had me stuck was being willing to do the things I considered silly or odd. Repeating affirmations. Keeping a gratitude journal. Envisioning how I wanted my life to look in the future. Letting go of things that were no longer serving me. Learning what worked for me and what didn't. Letting go of the need to feel "cool" all the time. The funny thing is I am now the most goofy, nerdy, uncool person ever and I've never been happier. I don't even care if people think I'm uncool and nerdy. I'm happy so I know it really doesn't matter what other people think. I laugh so much more than I used to. I stopped taking myself so darn seriously and had some fun. It's like a breath of fresh air after the many years of anger, depression, complaints and feelings of not good enough.

You can tell this same story too. Be willing to try anything. Be willing to do anything it takes to bring the happiness you so deserve. Because we all deserve to be happy. And we are entitled to do what it takes to get us there. That includes reading personal development books with an open mind. Listening to podcasts (like The Hopefulist) to empower and inspire you. Put those notes up around the house cheering yourself on and reminding yourself all you are capable of. Figure out some of the limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back. Envision how you want your life to look in one year, two years, five years, ten years. Write it down and read it everyday. Make it so exciting and joyful that you can't wait to read it everyday. Be willing to keep learning and growing. True personal growth never stops. It's a lifetime lesson. One that will be so worth it. You want to be on your deathbed thinking "Wow, I really did it all."

Get yourself a routine dedicated to your personal growth and development. Take the time daily to do a gratitude journal. Be willing to ask the tough questions of yourself. Examine the things that are holding you back. And commit to change. Change for the better. Look for the positivity. It's there, I promise you.

Thursday already! If you would like a more structured plan to start your quest into personal development. Let me know. I'll be happy to get you started on the right path. Now let's do Thursday. Be badass and remember, I'm cheering you on.

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