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Do it your way! There are no rules!

While keeping up your persistence in the drive to the life of your dreams...always remember, you can do it all your way. There is no roadmap to your specific dream. There is no one way to get there. That's what is great about life...we can live it exactly how we choose. Just because someone is successful doing it one way doesn't mean it will work for you. Putting your own personal touch on things will make it truly your own and that is what people want. The true, authentic you. So stop being afraid to be yourself. That is exactly what people want to see.

I got this tattoo on my 50th birthday. It's from a song on "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack. Songs from that movie inspired my blog which led to the podcast which led to my whole business. The idea for my brand came from my own personal experiences. It's about what I did to make my own life a much happier one. The tools and tactics that it took to get me to change my thinking from negative to positive. It's my story, my path and I truly want to help others do the same. But it doesn't mean I have to do all the same things that other podcasters and bloggers have done to become successful. I can forge my own path. I can do things my way. Just because it worked for one person doesn't mean it will be the same for me. I love the tattoo because it reminds me that I am me...I am good enough just the way I am. It's also encouragement to keep doing the things I want to keep in my life. For example....I was really noticing it when I was doing my arm workout the other day. With every pump of the barbell I saw that phrase...this is me. The one who works out and is active and lives life out loud. I'm not telling you to get a tattoo but I love mine and what it represents.

If you are happy with the life you currently live and just want to find ways to bring a little more joy into your life. That is what you should do. I know I tend to talk about getting it all but that is what I want for myself. I know not everyone wants to live a big, bold life. Some people want to exist quietly and live a peaceful life with a little less noise. That's great! Just find the inspiration and positivity you need to find more joy on a daily basis. Just because your mother wants more for you or your sister does, or your kids do...that doesn't matter. But really think about how you want the rest of your life to unfold because you get one chance here. But once you figure that out...do it your way and don't let anyone tell you anything different. You truly do know in your heart and your gut when you are on the right path. Follow it and have faith.

It's the same thing when it comes to your relationship and parenting. Not all relationships/marriages are the same. You do what works for you and your partner with no worries about what other people may think or say. Maybe you guys spend all week apart and only see each other on the weekends. If you are both okay with that then do it. If you eat dinner at different times because of work schedules...then that's okay. You can eat different meals. You can vacation solo. Like I said, there are no rules. You do you. It may be a little harder with parenting just because there is so much judgement and people really do feel entitled to tell you when they feel you are doing something wrong. They sometimes have good intentions but it's still none of their business how you raise your kids as long as they are safe and healthy. I had a woman tell one time she hoped I wasn't speaking about a particular topic on this podcast. I'm sure her intentions were good but it's really none of her concern what I talk about on my own show and I resented the suggestion that I shouldn't talk about something because she didn't feel the same way about the topic as I did.

It is good to have a guide if you feel lost or don't know where to start. I follow so many people online that inspire me and show me how they made their businesses work. But that doesn't mean it's set in stone. The best thing to do is to grab a couple of ideas and brainstorm on how to make them your own. What is something you can do that is similar to what others do but have your own spin on it. Or work it in a way that is most convenient for you. A good brainstorming session is always in order!

As you tackle something new pay attention to your gut. It really will guide you. It will let you know if this is the right direction. But you have to be still enough and sure of yourself enough to hear it.

It's Thursday already! Tomorrow we will talk about keeping the faith. Have a great "I wish it were cocktail Friday" Thursday. Go on out there and be your badass self. I'm always cheering you on!

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