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Do you have imposter syndrome?

Wouldn't you love this to be your work space every morning? A nice croissant, coffee and a sunhat to hit the beach later in the day. There's a shell. We're obviously working by the beach, right? Is this something that appeals to you? Is this something you someday want to achieve? What is stopping you? I mean, what is REALLY stopping you? Could you be a little afraid of success?

Most people's initial reaction to such a question is...of course I'm not afraid of success, but it's not as silly as it sounds. Some of this is deep seeded stuff but we will stay on the surface as much as possible. But is there some belief you have about yourself, deep down inside, that you aren't worthy of success? Or having more money? Is there something going on unconsciously that is stopping you from pursuing all your dreams? It's something to consider and delve into a little bit.

Or are you afraid you won't be able to handle success? Will the pressure be too much? Will it be too much responsibility, too much work? Are you afraid you don't know what you are doing and people will figure it out? Do you feel like you be busted and everyone will know you are a fraud? This is imposter syndrome and it is way more common than you may think. A lot of the way we perceive ourselves often goes back to our childhoods. So just try to think about what you have always believed about yourself and where that may have come from. Then realize it is a wrong assumption and move past it. You are able to do anything you set your mind too. No matter what you think right now. Do you know how I know this? Because I did it. I have overcome all kinds of self destructive thoughts to convince myself I am capable of anything I set my mind on. I believe this with my whole entire heart. If there is something you truly want, you will make it happen, no matter how hard it may be.

If you need a cheerleader, you know where to find me. But I know that you can do anything you want to achieve. You may not have all the answers right now and you may not ever all them all (doubtful) but you will learn as you go and you will figure it!

You also are worthy of every dream that has ever come into your thoughts. Why would the universe put it in your head if it wasn't possible? Other people aren't different from you. They just work harder than you do. But you can start working harder right now. You can start doing all the things you need to get you on your desired path right now. They also likely have a different mindset than you. They believe they can do hard things. They are confident in themselves and their ability to do what is needed to be done. You just need to get in the same head space. And you can! Put some thought into what limiting beliefs may be holding you back. And as always, I'm cheering you on.

It's hump day! If you haven't checked out the #takebackcontrol challenge you still can! You can catch up on the video tutorials and start relaxing again. Because once you have control over your life, you have control over everything. Now go make today, your best day yet!

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