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Don't be afraid to try! And try again!

What aren't you good at? Is that a long list? Are there things you haven't even tried because you just assume you aren't good at them? You know what they say about assuming, right? I was having a conversation with someone the other day who rattled off a list of things they didn't think they were good at. I asked them how often they kept at it. How many times did you try? I have said this before and I will say this again...you will not be good at anything at first. Unless you are some sort of child prodigy. Some people have a natural talent for certain things as well but there is always room for improvement.

If you listened to Friday's podcast you heard me talking about how long it took me to grow as a radio broadcaster. I was out and out terrible at first. But I kept at it. It's like that with anything you want to do. I fancy myself pretty good at interior design. It wasn't always that way. I remember being so stuck as to where to hang pictures to make them look aligned with everything else in the rest of the room and having them sort of match and flow. I think my place now looks pretty good but it is a far cry from my first apartment. I got better as I went along. I learned to buy thinks that I liked and found a place for them.

I'm not great at doing make-up. I know the basics and I know what looks good on me. I don't experiment too much because I'm afraid of looking like a clown. But if it were REALLY important to me, I would continue to learn about it. I would watch YouTube videos and subscribe to those boxes that send samples out every month. If it's something I really want to do and get good at, I do what it takes to get me there.

That's how it is with everything in life. You just have to try. And be willing to try anything. Because you never know what will come from it. Got a job interview somewhere you aren't really interested in? Go anyway! They may love you so much they will find something designed specifically for you. Here is an example. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was talking about how she tried out for a broadway play just because she was supporting her friend and figured why not. When she went on stage to sing, they weren't impressed with her song choice. They asked her to sing what she would normally sing at karaoke. So she picked her song, got everyone to stand up and clap along while she put on a performance. They ended up choosing her for a different type of role based on her strengths. Isn't that so cool? She actually had no expectation of being offered a part but she figured while she was there supporting her friend, why not? It would likely be a cool experience and a funny story to tell. And here is the thing I always tell myself in these types of situations...you have absolutely nothing to lose. I'm a gonna say it again. You have nothing to lose. If things go horribly wrong then you are in the same place you were when you walked through that door. Or it could maybe change your life.

What is one thing you haven't tried that you have always wanted to try? Or something that you tried and were not that good at? Try it again! You will get better each and every time. Because here is another reality...you have to do it more than once to be good. You have to do it over and over. You have to keep at it. But don't dismiss things that are important to you because you aren't good at them.

It's Tuesday already! Gotta love a short week! Remember to try. And try again and again. As always, I'm cheering you on. Now go make today, your best day yet!

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