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Don't give up!

How are you doing with those new year goals, resolutions and new habits? Not so great? I hear ya. I'm doing okay with some things and not good at all with others. But if we don't want to start from scratch all over again we must persevere.

No matter how little progress we've made we have likely made some good adjustments so don't throw in the towel. Work off those adjustments and build on them. Even if you have to reassess your goals and make them a little less ambitious. It's better to get there slowly than not all, am I right?

I'm doing well with my workouts. I have been getting almost all of them in. My eating is pretty good. It could be better but I'm a work in progress. But here's the thing. I feel better. Physically and mentally. I feel better in my body overall with more healthy eating and intermittent fasting. I'm also getting stronger and I can push myself further in my workouts. I also feel good about myself because I am keeping my promises to myself. I go through my day knowing I will do what I say I will do. It's a really good feeling. It doesn't mean we beat and berate ourselves when we slip up because we will. We chalk it up and keep going.

Instead of expecting too much of ourselves we should be willing to take baby steps to make it manageable. Then once we get one new habit under our belt we can start work on another one. Here's the thing though and we all know this, nothing happens overnight. All good things take time. It's hard to break bad habits and start good ones. So be graceful with yourself and just focus on the good instead of the bad. You may have had that brownie at work but you had a salad for dinner. Or you got in more water than you usually do. Or your took the dog for a longer walk. Just like in all areas of life, focus on the positive.

When you get tempted to give up because it's hard (because it will be hard) think about the results you are looking for and why. Are you trying to lose weight? Is it to look better come summer? How far away is summer? You have plenty of time so don't try to change everything at once. Are you working toward a promotion at work but are tired of being the only one putting in extra effort? Think about what that promotion and more money will mean for your life to keep up your momentum. Focus on the glowing employee reviews you will get and how you can take those and the experience anywhere you want to go.

There will be times that you want to give up altogether but I urge you to keep at it. Soon it won't feel so hard. Soon it will just be your way of life. All good things come with a price. We can all make changes. Just not too many at once. If we focus on the end goal and how we feel through the process it will help us to persist in our goals. And if it's something that you really want...like a new career or going back to school or selling your movie script...keep going. Don't take no for an answer. Keep asking people who can help you. Get that thick skin on because rejection can take a toll so space it out. Twelve publishers turned down J.K Rowling for her book Harry Potter. How much do you think they are kicking themselves now? Keep putting your best foot forward and the rewards will come.

Tuesday already? Did you have a snow day yesterday? Hope you enjoyed it. Now go out there and start being badass. I'm here, cheering you on.

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