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Don't settle because it's easier

Comfort and complacency is the enemy of a satisfying life. We tend to get into regular routines and it takes some work to break out of them....long after they stopped serving us. That is what we'll talk about today. The reason why it's so hard and what we need to do in order to pump ourselves back up. We don't want to keep living a humdrum life. So we must break out of the old and start charting a new path.

It's a shame that we have to get out of our comfort zone to truly live a life with purpose and meaning. But it's true. Nothing ever comes from a comfort zone. Unless you already feel fulfilled and happy. In that case, you are excused for that day and carry on! But for most of us, we get to a point where our routine is so....routine, our lives start to feel automatic and robotic. We don't have much excitement but there is a certain calm in knowing what is going to happen next, right? I know, I've been there. Wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch t-v, go to bed and start over again the next day. Doesn't that sound exciting? No, of course not. We are all made for so much more than that. If only we can get out of our old routines and shake things up a bit. Are you in a slump? Do you feel like you should be doing more with this one life? Then start with one thing. Just one thing.

What is something that has always interested you? Is it a hobby, activity, sport? Whatever it is...jump into it. Do you like to write? Start a blog. It's super easy, trust me. Do you want to learn to play an instrument...go get it and try it out. Hire someone to give you lessons or jump on YouTube for a tutorial. Do you want to learn how to swing dance. Oh my gosh...do it! I'm dying to take swing dancing lessons. Again, I'm sure there are demonstrations on YouTube. Because here's the thing. Once you try just one thing it will inspire to keep at it or try other things. Once you get that tiny bit of excitement you will crave more. New things are always a little bit scary but that's okay. We can all learn as we go. No one starts out being perfect at anything. I started playing pickle ball earlier this summer and really enjoy it. I definitely need a lot of work on my game but luckily I play with some friends who are in it for fun.

Sometimes this is all it takes to shake your life up a little bit and brings in a little more excitement. Not always though. If you don't find something you like right away, keep trying. Keep searching and looking for something that you can really get into. I hope you are interested in some sort of activity that gets your body moving every day. It's so important to be active as we age. It's what keeps everything working right. Once you get a little of that energy you will want more and more. One new hobby or a little more activity can make you realize how much better it makes you feel about yourself and your life. If you haven't found something that makes your heart sing yet, keep searching. There is something out there for you. I guarantee it. But I beg you to get up off the couch. It's the path of least resistance but not the path to happiness. Trust me...I know this to be true. We are our happiest when we are trying new things, learning and growing. It's what fills our cup. And no one wants an empty cup! Right?

Wednesday already? Happy hump day. Think about a new hobby or activity that you've been wanting to try. And do it. Tomorrow we will talk about doing things your own way. Now go out there and be a badass. Of course, I'm cheering you on.

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