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Dream BIG!

I came across this picture in my memories yesterday and I had to laugh. I’ve often said that my dog, Tucker is my greatest inspiration. This is just one example of why. That rawhide bone is bigger than she is! She didn’t care. She wanted it and did her best to get it. Luckily, the other two, much larger dogs decided to humor her and let her think she could have it while she was visiting with me to my brother’s house. When she got tired of pulling it all over the house, she lay down next to it and went to sleep. This is a girl who goes after what she wants. She doesn’t play small. When I tried to tell her she couldn’t have that bone, do you know what she did? Completely ignored me and continued hauling it all over the house. She didn’t care what I thought. She did what she wanted and she stuck by that bone for the whole visit.

When I was at my conference a few backs we told that sometimes our dreams are too big for others to handle. Some people don’t see what you see. Some people may be resentful, jealous or genuinely concerned. Let them feel all those things and keep doing what you do to make your dreams come true.

I want to focus on getting through that Thanksgiving dinner this week and if mocking your dreams is sometimes a part of that, I’m here to tell you…it doesn’t matter. Maybe you are at the point that you don’t even want to discuss your dreams. That’s okay. If that is the route you want to take, then do that. But I wish you wouldn’t hide them. You should be yelling them for all to know. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by them. You do what makes you happy and if someone’s opinion doesn’t jive with your vision, then dismiss it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take any constructive criticism or take heartfelt concerns under consideration. But you should already have a plan behind your dream and if that plan is solid than you should be good to go.

Not everyone is going to believe in your dream. Guess what? They don’t have to. It’s not their dream. No one is ever going to care about your dream as much as you do so don’t let anyone talk you out it…ever. My husband still doesn’t see my vision panning out. I’ve brought it up several times and he always says, I believe in you. Okay, that’s still pretty good. I know what is going to happen. I know I will make my dream come true and then all those people who doubted me can take off, hoser! Yes, I did just go there. Obviously, it’s important and necessary to me to have my husband’s support. If he doesn’t believe exactly what I believe that is okay. I’m the one that has to get up every day to do the work it takes to get my business running and keep it running. I’m the one who has to tackle the problems that will crop up. I’m the one that has to learn all the things I don’t know yet but will help move my dream down its path. I’m glad that he believes I can do what I think I can do and that is good enough, for now.

So, sometimes you may be the only one who believes in your dream. As long as you have a solid plan behind it and can afford to pursue it in both time and money, then go for it! Keep doing what you do. But don’t let anyone else’s opinion change your thinking. If your parents aren’t on board, oh well. It’s not their life. If your great aunt on your mom’s side is spouting off about how things were back in her day, listen and smile, then move the conversation along.

I know it can be hard to hear things you don’t want to hear but knowing that you aren’t going to let it affect you can go a long way to enjoying Thanksgiving. Think about what it is about these people that makes you grateful to be around them and focus on that. And the food! Be grateful for the food! Whether the people you are with are your family or a part of someone’s family you are close to…be happy to be able to share an amazing meal with them. And try not to let anything they say get to you. Unless, of course, it’s good stuff.

It is taco Tuesday already! Don’t be afraid to dream big. If you ever start to feel like you can’t do it. Just look at this picture of my girl with her big dream! She didn’t let anyone stop her and neither should you. Now, go make it your best day yet!

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