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Dreams can change

You know your dream. You’ve been working hard, moving toward it all the time. But here is a question to ask yourself. Are you enjoying the process? Do you love what you are doing to get where you want to go? It’s so important to enjoy the process. Because that is everyday life. You have to enjoy what you do every single day (for the most part) or you may be riding down the wrong path.

I remember when I first got into the radio industry, I was trying to use it as a springboard into the record industry. I really wanted to be an A&R representative for a record company. While working at the radio station though I had started working with the morning show and really enjoyed it. I was talking about it with a co-worker one day and I said…this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be moving on to a record company. He looked at me like I was crazy and said; “Wendy, you can change your goal.” What? Really? I’ve always been a pretty black and white person. It’s the right way or the wrong way so it honestly never even occurred to me to switch things up. I had a goal and if I didn’t get there, I would consider myself a failure. Said co-worker pretty much laughed at me for not recognizing that fact.

I’m glad we had that talk that day because I did switch up. I went the radio route and I’m happy that I did. Once I started to focus on radio full time, I thought that eventually I could transition into television. But honestly, I paid so many dues in working my way up in the radio field that once I got to a point where I was making some decent money with weekends and holidays off I just didn’t want to start over at the bottom again. And that’s okay. Sometimes things are worth it and sometimes they aren’t.

But what I want you to ask yourself is….are you happy with the path you are on toward making your dream/goal come true? Will life be much different once you get to that goal or will it be much of the same? Let me explain the difference. When I was working my way up in radio I worked overnight, 7 days a week and every holiday. I was willing to do that until I got a good gig with hours I wanted in a position I desired (morning radio). I did that for about three years. It was hard…but in the end, worth it. I was also young then. In my 20’s and that is the time for paying dues. I wouldn’t do that now. It wouldn’t be worth it for me to be miserable for the next three years. But your dream may be so big that you are willing to do anything to get there. And that’s amazing. Only you can decide how much you are willing to sacrifice to get where you want to be. Going back to school for a number of years is another example of this. Are you willing to spend the time and money to get to that next set of skills to pursue your dream? If that is the spot you are at right now, then hang in there. Or re-evaluate to see if this is something you still want to pursue.

But now, for example, I get up every morning and peruse the news. Find stories that I think will be interesting for you to hear. I create a little roadmap for how I want the show to go every day. I discuss the topic I had posted from the day before and then highlight my blog post that encourages inspiration and positivity. If there were any part of that I didn’t enjoy than I probably am not doing what I am meant to do. I love what I do every single day now. And as my followers increase, I’m sure the work will get harder and I will have to tackle new challenges but I’m ready for it. I’m willing to do all the work. All the things it will take to increase my listeners and followers.

My point is…you should be enjoying the process and if you aren’t then maybe it is time to re-assess what you are doing. What you are striving for. What your end goal really is. And if it’s different from the path you have been on for years, that is okay. Life has a way of introducing new things into our life all the time and if something lights you up then it’s okay to make a turn and pursue that instead. This is your one life…make sure you are doing what gives you the most purpose and happiness.

It is finally cocktail Friday! Grab yourself an adult beverage and have a fantastic weekend. Whatever you are doing make sure to be safe. Now, go make today your best day yet!

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