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My wish for you is to roar into this new year like gang busters and start crushing it! But alas, it doesn’t look like some of you are quite ready to shout your goals out to the world. It’s okay. You’ll get there. I’ll help you. So, for today, let’s start a little smaller. But I hope you will take some serious time over the weekend to put some thought into what you really want out of life. It is the pursuit of your goals and dreams that truly make you happy. How do I know? Because I’ve lived in a comfort zone and I’ve lived in hot pursuit of huge dreams. Hot pursuit is so much better. It’s not easier…but so much better. It’s definitely worth the work. As are you…worth the work. I’ll say it again, you are worth the work.

But let’s find some simple things for you to do to get you comfortable with a little change. I believe once you get a taste for what a little change can do for your life, I’m convinced you will be hooked and want better and more for yourself.

I got this email the other day from an organization called “Change that up” and they specialize in creating positive change for you and your loved ones. It has a list of 5 unique New Year resolutions to consider. Let’s not call them resolutions though…let’s call them life improvements.

Here they are…

1. Make laughing a priority every day. Seek out things that will make you laugh. Watch comedies. Get a book of jokes. Hang around with that funny friend. Do whatever it takes. Everyone was talking about the latest episode of Saturday Night Live recently with Eddie Murphy as the host. We went to on demand and searched for it. There were parts during this show that literally made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. It felt good. Make laughing a priority…every day!

2. Spend time alone. Turn off the t-v, the phone, put the tablet down and stow the books away. Spend some time in solitude and your life will never be the same. I know, it seems hard. But according to the list, this is where the magic happens. Tune into your thoughts, explore your senses and take in your environment. For just a few minutes everyday.

3. Practice gratitude daily. Hmm, where have I heard this before? According to this list, not me, gratitude attracts abundance as we focus on what we have, instead of what we don’t. It also elevates mood, helps you feel more connected and more likeable. See, I’m not talking smack. Start your gratitude journal. You will never be sorry.

4. Fast once a month. Again, not my list. And probably not my thing but intermittent fasting is gaining in popularity. This can be something like fasting for 10 hours a day. So you can eat at 7 at night but not have breakfast until 6 and you’ve got your ten hours in….even more. You can handle that, right?

5. Finally, embrace a do it now mindset. Stop procrastinating and do it now. Whenever it comes to mind, do I now. Whatever and whenever it may be. Take whatever steps you can right now.

This doesn’t sound so hard, does it? This is something you can manage that can change your life in a positive way. Once you start to see results these minimal things can do you will be writing down all the goals you’ve ever dreamed of. Hold on because here we go!

It’s cocktail Friday y’all. Not for me because I’m doing sober January but you can grab a cold one or a hot one or whatever you like. Enjoy your weekend. I hope it’s fantastic and be safe in whatever you do. And start putting these five tips into your daily routine. Now, go make it your best day yet.

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