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If you are anything like me you are bemoaning the fact that the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. I'm such a summer girl and when Autumn gets to the point where it seems like winter is right around the corner depression can set in. I start to long for summer and warm temperatures. But the thing is that isn't going to happen for a good six months. No amount of depression is going to change that. So what do I do? Just settle in for a half year of having nothing to look forward to. Of just enduring every day hoping for those rare ones that give a little extra warmth and sunshine? No, that isn't the answer is....to embrace what is happening right now.

I was sitting on my porch the other night as a storm was revving up and I could hear all the leaves on the ground blowing all over. It was that light dark that happens when storm clouds come in and it was pretty cool. I don't mind a good storm when I feel safe and I have realized how cool and fun they can be. I used to be afraid when storms came in but now I embrace them and just sit inside and watch them from my safe haven. I still hate the wind though! But anyway, I was listening to the leaves blowing and feeling like this is how things are supposed to be right now and I was okay with it. Rather than when I would normally complain about the cold and all the leaves falling thinking I won't have any fun until spring.

November is kind of a transitional time. The really warm weather is behind us and the leaves are starting to drop off so we don't see all the beautiful colors anymore. But it isn't terribly cold yet and we can still get outside. Bundle up and take a nice walk in a scenic area. Hit the park or head to the beach. Take the dog! Even though it isn't as nice as we wish it were there is still a lot to do and see. Pumpkin and apple picking, apple cider, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses! When we accept things for what they are instead of what we want them to be we will much happier.

Plus, we have so much to look forward to in the coming two months. Once Halloween is over I start itching to put my Christmas tree up. No, I don't do it that early but in the past couple of years I have started decorating two weeks before Thanksgiving. Why? Because it makes me happy. I just love everything about my tree. I love it all lit up. I leave it on all night long so it's the first thing I see as I walk down the hallway in the morning. Last year I even watched some video's on how to up my tree decorating game and my neighbor told me it looked like it belonged in Macys! Now that is about the best thing you could ever say to me! I'm proud of my tree and decorations and I'm going to spend as much time looking at them as possible. I choose to put it up early but it's usually down by the first week in January.

I know, I know...I skipped Thanksgiving. That is my cousins favorite holiday because he says there is no pressure to buy gifts and spend a whole lot of money. It's all about food and family which I think is a great way of looking at it. But if you want to have your Thanksgiving dinner next to your Christmas tree that is just fine and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I've had people tell me I skip right over Thanksgiving. That's not true at all. I'm all for Thanksgiving! I just will eat it surrounded by decorations of red and green! (or red and silver, which is usually my color scheme).

And then it's off to the races for Christmas shopping. I love buying gifts for people when I see something just perfect for them. What I don't like is roaming around a store just hoping to find something for someone when I have no idea what they really want. My husband always says he's easy to buy for. I totally disagree. I already end to get him the same things every year. Gourmet coffee, socks, graphic t-shirts. It's all the same. But I try to get him some unexpected things every year.

We spend Christmas morning with my cousin and his daughter. It's a tradition we started a few years back. Since my husband and I don't have kids and we want to be closer to family it's worked out great. Now my cousin buys us a ton of gift every year and I often feel like Santa is visiting my life once again. It's pretty fun. As much as I love giving the perfect gift I'm pretty happy to get something terrific too!

We have all of this to look forward to! Don't you think there is just something more in the air around the holiday season? It's just seems that people are more jolly. People are kinder and go out of their way a little bit more. It's a great time to pay things forward. Give a little extra to the server while eating out. Tip the gas station attendant (if you have one). Pay for someone's coffee behind you. Compliment people on their festive outfits. Wear festive outfits. Bring your best dish to the holiday party. Do things that bring you joy. Do things that make you proud.

So we have all this to look forward to. This is what I choose to focus on instead of being down about the summer weather being over. Everything in it's own sweet time. Meanwhile, I will be wearing my favorite cozy sweater with a big mug of hot chocolate while planted in front of the fire pit. I hope you are finding some favorite things to do as well.

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Now go have a great week. And of course, be badass. I'm always here, cheering you on.

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