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Embracing your age

It’s something that is very difficult to do since this society places so much value on youth. It seems kind of backwards when you think about it. Shouldn’t we want to get to a place where we know what we want and we are no longer afraid to go for it? A place where we finally feel like we know who we are and what makes us happy? Alas, just another thing that seems mixed up in this crazy world we live in.

I read a story about women over 50 who really came into their best lives. It was an article from the Wall Street Journal that is apparently now asking me to subscribe to view it again. I’m not sure if you only get a certain number of views per person or if the time just ran out. Regardless, I certainly hope you were able to check it out and if not, I’m sorry but I will be going over some of the stories (if I can remember them!)

One woman decided to up and move from the midwestern state she lived in her whole live to New York City for a new job and an apartment she hadn’t seen before agreeing to rent it. She said she loved it there so much her four children ended up following her there and building their lives in that area as well. Another woman up and moved to Hawaii since her writing job allowed her to work from anywhere and now, she is a hula dancer as well.

There were stories of women leaving their unfulfilling jobs to finally start the business they always wanted. One woman decided after raising her children she wanted to learn to play the drums and joined a band. And another is setting world records for being the oldest female at age 67 to bike through the U-S, one for biking through Canada and her next trek is to bike through Europe. These are some lofty goals!

And here’s the thing, if not now….then when? Is there something you have always wanted to do and just haven’t gotten to it yet? Stop waiting! Just do it! If you aren’t in a position to do it then start taking the steps you need to take to get you there. I don’t want to say that time is running out but guess what? Time is running out. You better get moving and planning and doing before you are sick and feeble and can’t get out of bed. Do you want a bunch or regrets in your last days on earth or do you want to be able to say….man, I can’t believe I did that! Or wow, I really got so much more in than I ever thought I would. Or, I really did live life to the fullest. This is what we should all be striving for. We don’t want to play it safe in order to get to death. We want to go skidding in with dirt all over and our skirts flying up! I do, anyway!

What is that thing that has been nagging at you? The thing that keeps nudging you when you spend a little time doing it? The thing you should be focusing more of your time on that will light you up and make you feel complete? Do you need to put some thought into it? Then do that! But I’m sure you’ll find you’ve known what it is all along.

It’s Monday. My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Take a little time to do something you love today and some thought into how you can do more of it. And make it your best day yet.

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