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Enjoy shopping this year!

Do you like Christmas Shopping? If yes, congratulations! You don’t need this blog today. But if you don’t. Hang around and I’ll tell you ways you can make it a little more enjoyable this year.

First, how amazing are all those decorations? Focus on them. The amount of shiny, sparkly things to look at is overwhelming. But never too much, right? Well, sometimes but mostly the stores do it with taste and elegance. Soak in the season. Give yourself so time to just stare at the beauty.

Speaking of which, find some time to get it done. Don’t run to the mall after work when you still have to rush home and make dinner. Give yourself a whole day or a half day. Can only do it on the weekend when it’s totally crazy? That’s okay! Because we are going to bulletproof ourselves when it comes to getting aggravated at the mall. So, carve out a block of time where you don’t have to rush. This is the number one key. If you aren’t in a rush you won’t get annoyed that things are taking too long.

I told you my husband and I went to a black Friday sale a couple of years back. The store was crazy, but we were prepared for it. We didn’t have anywhere else to go so we took our time and didn’t mind the long line. It moved really fast too. Also, keep in mind, people still suck around the holidays. People will still push and shove and basically take something out of your hands if it’s the last one. People are grumpy too. Even the cashiers and customer service reps so try to take it all with a grain of salt. I often get upset when I feel like a customer service rep disrespects me or is rude to me but would you feel differently if you knew the last person she waited on yelled at her for something that wasn’t her fault? Would that make a difference? Just try to spread kindness and joy no matter how you are being made to feel. It is that time of year! Do it for others instead of for yourself and you’ll find it will bring a big smile on your face.

Do you have a favorite spot at the mall for a good coffee or a meal you really enjoy? Make time to get it in. But this is where your timing is key. Try to go early or late to avoid the crazy crowds for food lines. The malls open early and stay open late this time of year. There is usually a time you can go that would be perfect for you to really take your time.

I did this recently with just the grocery store. I usually rush around and get everything as fast as I can so I can get out of there quick. But one day I decided to just take my time. I had no where to be so I went slow and looked around a little more (although, that can be dangerous for the wallet) and just took my time. If I saw someone barreling through the aisle, like I typically do, I just got out of their way. Don’t let someone else rushing affect your mindset. You are there to enjoy the experience. Don’t let anyone else get under your skin. If someone does, remind yourself that some people will always suck and move along.

Have a list if possible. I know people often like to just stroll looking for the perfect gift but that will take even more time and patience. So, if that is the route you are taking, give yourself plenty of time. I don’t know your schedule but if you need more than one trip than do it. Whatever is going to make it a more enjoyable experience for you rather than a sprint race. There is no fun in that! Maybe even spring for some professional wrapping (some department stores do it for free). They do such a better job than I do. It’s nice to have one or two beautiful packages under the tree.

Get in the right mindset and it can turn into one of your favorite traditions when it comes to Christmas. Yes, you will need to pack your patience but it’s okay if you have blocked out a chunk of time dedicated to just browsing for the perfect present. Take in your surroundings and appreciate how beautiful everything looks.

Take advantage while you can…Valentine Decorations will be up soon! It’s “I wish it were cocktail Friday” Thursday. One more day to the weekend. Let’s get it done my friends! Now, go make it your best day yet.

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