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Fear: Getting past it

That four letter bad f-word. Fear. It stops so many of us in our tracks. It holds us back, it taunts us and often it dictates how we live our lives. We will be diving into fear all this month. The types of fear. What we are really afraid of. What we can do about it. And that point where it no longer holds power over you.

Part of the process I've gone through in the past year is fear melting away. If I would have been told five years ago that I would be running my own business, I would have laughed right in your face. I would have thought...there is no way I would have the capabilities to do that. And now, I'm doing what needs to be done...every single day. I'm doing things I have always been afraid of. I'm struggling through tech but I'm getting done what needs to be done. I'm turning into somewhat of a graphic designer and making newsletters, worksheets, pictures and checklists that I am super impressed with. Just a few years ago, the fear of having to do these things would have stopped me dead in my tracks. I would have thought there is no way I can do any of that. Not to mention, I had no interest in doing any of that. Running my own business was something I never wanted. It wasn't my thing. It was too much work, responsibility and I there was so much I didn't know how to do. (Still don't) But when I lost my job last year I was extremely frustrated. I was upset with how everything happened. I felt betrayed and used. I felt a whole lot of injustice. And it pushed me to consider things I had never considered before. It changed the way I thought about responsibility. I know I can count on myself. And I'm a hard worker. I'm ambitious and dedicated and do more than is required. I was tired of that not being enough. I realized that I suddenly wanted to be the one in charge. I wanted to be the one to work my ass off and get all the rewards! And I've never looked back. Has it been scary? Oh, Shell yeah! But I work through the fear. I feel it and do it anyway.

I'm very lucky that I have a spouse who has been able to support us through this dream of mine. I know not everyone has that opportunity. But this is where all the Covid craziness may actually work in your favor. Are you currently on unemployment? You are likely getting more than you would have gotten just a few months ago. Are you getting a break from some of your bill collectors? This is the time to plan for the future. The way ahead future. One where a global pandemic won't touch you in what you do for a living. Is it scary to pivot and go in a completely different direction? Of course. I know because it's what I'm doing. I've also never been happier. I've also never worked harder in my life. Trying things we've never done before is scary. But do it anyway. Just work through it.

There will always be fear trying to stop you from you're trying to do. It's a natural instinct that is actually trying to protect you but it's not. It's holding you back from your true greatness. It's holding you back from trying things that will enhance and bring more joy into your life. And the best thing about fear is once you realize you can be fearful and do it anyway, it empowers you. You will want to challenge more fears. You will want to crush all those fears. Because you will know that fear can no longer hold you back. In fact, you won't even notice it much anymore. My fear of not knowing how to do something has switched to annoyance at having to learn it. I'd rather be annoyed than afraid. I'm not longer afraid because now I know I will learn all the things. I will figure it out. I can do it. I have taken can't out of my vocabulary. It's not always easy, in fact it's rarely easy, but I know I can conquer anything.

What are some of your biggest fears? What are you most afraid of and how is it stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Write down a list of these fears. We will use it later.

It's Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. What do you have planned for this week? Whatever it is, I'm cheering you on. Now, go make today...your best day yet!

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