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Feel good Friday!

We made it. It’s Friday. Time for a cocktail! It’s also a great day to do all things that make you feel good. The goal for today is to enjoy everything you can about today.

Have to go to work? Make the best of it! Smile today and ask people how they are doing. Compliment people on their outfits or their contribution at work. Stopping for coffee? Tell one person there something nice you notice about them. Make other people feel good makes us feel good!

Are you able to wear headphones at work? Once you get done listening to your favorite podcast, put on that music that is going to give that weekend vibe. Work together with fellow employees today or at least try to limit contact those with are hard to handle. Vow to not let anything bother you today!

Have your favorite for lunch today. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Just order a sandwich you love from Wawa. Then taste every single bite. Don’t work through lunch! Don’t eat a sandwich at your desk! It’s going to be a great day here at the Jersey Shore so get on outside. If the weather isn’t great where you are then put yourself in a place where you can enjoy your surroundings.

Push yourself to do something great at work today. Something that will be acknowledged and praised. Put in a little extra effort. Get up the nerve to present your boss with an idea you have. Even if you don’t get the acknowledgement that you may deserve you will feel good knowing you went above and beyond today. And that always pays off at some point.

Do you have fabulous plans for the weekend? Well, make them…now! Take the kids on a hayride or through a corn maze. Like haunted houses? There are plenty of them around right now. Go to a winery and sit in front of a firepit while sipping an oaky, nutty merlot? I know absolutely nothing about wine so those are just some terms I’ve heard in the past. How about a brewery? There are some great flavors for autumn. Try them!

Is your football team playing this weekend? Is that part of your plans? Can you get together with some friends? Go out for a nice dinner. Or sit home cuddled up with the dog and a good book. Whatever it is that will bring you a little joy this weekend, do it!

Or how about this? Whatever you have to do today just vow to try to enjoy it no matter what it is. I have to hit the grocery store today. My husband worked a lot this week so I’m trying to get it out of the way for us. But I don’t enjoy it. Today, that will change. Instead of rushing through the store and darting down all the aisles I will take my time while getting everything I need and something good for dinner tomorrow night. I will make it an experience rather than a chore. It’s a mindset. Really, all you have to do is decide you can enjoy it (or at least parts of it) and it will be a whole different experience for you. Give it a go. What do you have to lose besides a bad day?

It is Cocktail Friday, y’all! Grab a cold one or a warm one and celebrate the freaking weekend. Whatever you do today, try to get a little joy out of it. Whatever it is. Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. And make today, your best day yet!

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