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Fight temptation!

There probably isn’t any more dangerous form of instant gratification than when it comes to food. You’ve been trying to eat healthy….maybe lose a few pounds and someone brings donuts into work! Can you resist? It depends. First, is your favorite donut in the mix? If not, then walk away. It’s really not worth it. If it is your favorite, then you have a decision to make. Is it worth undoing all the hard work you’ve been doing? Were you able to resist more tempting treats only to fail this time? Do you really want to stick to your commitment to yourself and the goal of losing some weight? Then you have your answer.

It’s hard to stay on track. Trust me…this I know to be true. I have struggled a lot with my weight this summer. I have tried hard to keep from creeping up but it has. A few pounds…nothing major. I will get them off. I know it. But you have to decide what is more important to you. The brownie, burger, tater tots or chips in the moment or slipping on those jeans that don’t fit you anymore? Again, it’s all about your decisions and what is most important to you. Yes, it will taste good. But do you have a time dedicated to having some treats (like a cheat meal)? Can you wait until then? You have to remember the reason you made the decision to eat more healthy and/or try to lose a few pounds. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing worth having does. As annoying as that is and it IS annoying!

It’s the same thing with working out. You can start a workout regimen but it will take time to see results. I started working out (yet again) in January of this year. I have really built up my biceps, triceps, and toned my thighs. I have a stronger back and shoulders and I am able to handle more physically than I have in the past. But it has taken time. Months in fact. It is the progress I’ve made that keeps me committed as well. If I stop now I will lose everything I’ve worked so hard for. I take breaks….more than I should…..but I won’t stop. I can’t. I do not want to start all over again. I remind myself of this when another week rolls in and I don’t feel like getting my butt to the gym.

It all takes time. It takes commitment, dedication and discipline. It will all be worth it. And you already know how to get there. You just have to do it. You have to find a reason that is stronger than the temptations you will find all day every day. Because they will test you. Your willpower, strength, perseverance. But you can rise above. Another situation that will make you so proud when you do resist temptation and that instant gratification. Remember…that is a bad word. Nothing is instant and nothing good comes from instant gratification. Everything worth having in life takes work and time.

Remember your reason why. Remind yourself as often as possible WHY you are doing this. Carry a pad of post its with you and write your why down every time you see temptation and then stick that post it right on the box of brownies, donuts, vending machine! Do it, do it!

The path is simple. We already know what we need to do. It’s not easy…but it is simple. Now grab that post it pad and get ready to write out your way as often as you need to. It’s taco Tuesday. Grab a taco but make it a healthy one! And make it your best day yet!

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