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Find Joy in Nature!

As we focus on finding joy every single day in our lives there is something that is so obvious, we often overlook it. Nature! There is so much glory in nature. So much you can take in and appreciate every single day. Starting with an amazing sunrise. Even if you can’t be at the beach and watch it come up over the water you can see it on the horizon wherever you are. Drink in the brilliant pink and blue colors that light up the sky. It’s the same with the sunset that also happens every day by the way. And when was the last time you checked out the moon? Whether it be a bright, round full moon or just a fingernail sliver.

Do you have flowers planted this time of year at your house? How about the other houses in your neighborhood? Look at them! Revel in their beauty. I spend so much time watering my many flowers and plants that I often forget to just take in the joy of how much I love the way they look and they the way they make my home look.

I live on the water and we often get visits from the ducks. Well, the babies are all over now. I have some feed for them and I love tossing the food at them and watching those little fluff balls. I snapped some pictures of them earlier in the year so now I don’t worry about getting a picture. I just sit down on the dock and watch them enjoy the meal I am supplying them. It’s so nice!

How about heading to the park for a walk after work? Notice and smell the flowers you see there. Or marvel at the huge trees you see and notice how tall and strong they are. Use them as an example as how you should live your life. When I was living in an area where I couldn’t hit the beach every day, I spent time at my local park. In the fall when the leaves are changing and falling to the ground it’s even more aesthetically pleasing. Oh, and that smell! Take the dog as they will enjoy it as much as you do although for different reasons.

I take my dog on walks mostly because of how much she enjoys. They are good for her and not bad for me either to get out there and do a little physical activity. I just love watching how ecstatic she is during these walks. She runs out the door and out to the street as fast as she can. She stops to smell something and then runs ahead at full speed with her ears flying back. Watching her joy brings me joy. It’s also a good reminder of how the simple things in life can make you so happy. Look to your dogs for these examples. A walk, a quick swim, a game of fetch or just a cookie or treat all make dogs so freaking happy! We should take the same pleasure in simple things like they do.

There is still a lot of summer left so get out there and enjoy nature while the weather is still warm and there is so many colors to drink in and so much beauty every day. It’s Tuesday! Grab a taco and make it your best day yet!

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