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Find JOY in the mirror!

This is a picture of Joe and I on our way to a wedding last summer. Don’t you feel great when you are all dressed up and looking fancy? Why do we have to have a special event in order to doll ourselves up to the point where we look and feel fabulous. I must brag a little bit. My shoes were a showstopper at this wedding. I got so many comments on them. They are actually the shoes at wore at my own wedding, but no one could see them under my big gown! Glad I am getting some use out of them now.

As much as we are told and encouraged to look inside to find our self-worth…looking good on the outside certainly doesn’t hurt. There is nothing wrong with putting on make-up everyday and wearing clothes that flatter our figure or finding the colors that look best on us. And even though we may not want to admit we still like to feel pretty!

I’ve fallen into a terrible rut as of late. I almost never put make up on anymore now that I’m not leaving the house as much. And when I do leave the house it’s usually to be out in the sun when I wouldn’t wear make-up anyway. Or it’s too hot to put my foundation on because it will drip right off. And for some reason I don’t feel made up with out that face make up. I won’t even get into my wardrobe. I wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt or a bathing suit. That is literally about it. It’s hard to motivate myself to get all gussied up when no one is going to see me. And then wash it off later. It all just seems to more effort than it’s worth lately. You know what though? I’m wrong! It is worth it. Do you know why? Because I’m worth it! If it’s going to make myself feel pretty and better about myself…what more reason do I need?

I’ve been a little down on my appearance recently. I’ve put on a few pounds and a lot of my clothes are a little snug which is not only uncomfortable but disappointing. Like I said, I don’t wear much make-up and when I do look at myself all I see is deep set wrinkles on my forehead. I have talked about getting botox so many times but I’m afraid to pull the trigger. Once you start it is something you have to keep up with. It is pretty pricey and I just don’t know if I want to commit to it forever. I also don’t want to start looking like my face is plastic which I see so often now with women who are trying to look younger. I’m torn between growing old gracefully or fighting off these wrinkles with all that I have!

Meanwhile, there are definitely things I can do that make me feel better about how I look. As you can too. You should have at least one or two pairs of pants/skirts/dresses that you are totally comfortable in. If you have put on a few pounds, then go grab one or two things at the store. It totally sucks to be stuck in clothes that remind you all day long that you have put on a few pounds. Shirts are a little more forgiving so you should be okay in that department. But get something that is comfortable and that makes you look and feel good. Go ahead and put on some of that lacy underwear as well. It will make you feel sexier throughout the day. And do you know what happens when you feel sexier? You ACT sexier! Put on a little make-up. Take the time to do your hair. It goes a long way in how we feel about ourselves throughout the day.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. It gives you a better outlook on everything. Do a little experimenting with some current trends or do you know the look that highlights your features best? I do try to mix it up with new lipstick but I often chicken out on the brighter stuff and go back to my brownish beige. But be braver than me. We used to have so much fun with make-up when we were younger. We spent hours trying to get that perfect look. Don’t give up on it now. We are still worth it!

It’s hump day! Now whip out that lipstick and put a little on.

And don't forget the jewelry. How much fine jewelry do you have that you never wear? You keep it for special occasions, right? Being alive is a special occasion! Get it out. Wear it! It was purchased with the intent to wear.

So make yourself look a little fancy today. And make it your best day yet!

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