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The last two weeks have been crazy for me. It’s been a whirlwind of awesomeness, bonding with family, relaxation, pure enjoyment and tons of fun! It started with my sister’s Ironman competition two weeks ago. She stayed in the area to visit with us for the next week. Then we all headed down to the Outer Banks to meet up with my brother and sister in law. As expected, there was a lot of food, a lot of drinks, a magnificent view and loads of laughs that we will all treasure for years to come. Or at least until we all meet up there again and make new memories.

As great as it was (and it was great) there is a longing for normalcy. Getting back to a routine is something I am embracing. I will tell you this….the difference between doing what you love versus having a daily grind job that you don’t really enjoy…I am not sad to get back to my normal routine. In fact, I’m sort of longing for it. My husband however is feeling pretty bummed right now and has a major vacation hangover. He’ll snap out of it within a few days and I told him we won’t go on anymore awesome vacations!!! I kid, I kid! But it does avoid the hangover.

I don’t mind getting back to my regular routine because I love how my days are spent. I love still getting up super early and writing my blog, finding cool news stories to share with you and making up my pictures with favorite quotes or sayings and then post, post, post to social media. I’m loving what I do now. I know not everyone has the opportunity to work from home doing something meaningful but if you can figure out a way to do it….then do it!

But even if you can’t make your own work schedule you can still find things to make every day enjoyable and even extraordinary. I bought myself a new coffee mug while on vacation. It has a huge starfish on it and they are my favorite. I will love each and every cup of coffee I drink from it. I had a wonderful breakfast of fresh pineapples and bananas. Two of my favorite fruits. I may even grab a bagel from my favorite shop down the street. You have to ease into normalcy after vacation. Let’s not be too abrupt! It’s also going to be a gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore. Plenty of sunshine with temps in the 70’s. I will make some time to be outside to soak up some sun while I still can.

It is starting to get cooler. I dug out my slippers last night. It was nice to see them and slip them on. They used to be like walking on a cloud until I wore them too much. I will also be making the transition from our light blanket to our down comforter for the bed. As much as I dread the coming of cold weather, I still try to find things that bring me happiness or at least comfort. I love snuggling under that down comforter on a cold night. I try to hold on to my warm coffee mug a little longer to warm up my hands. And don’t forget fire season. How awesome is wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket in front of a roaring fire with a good book in hand?

The drive to work should be turning into a display of joyous colors with the trees putting on a spectacular show in the coming weeks. Take notice and appreciate the dazzle. It’s also a time for comfort foods. Chili, anyone? How about a heaping helping of Mac N Cheese? Meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Yes, please!

The days may be getting shorter but there is finally some new t-v shows to enjoy. It’s time to find some goals for inside the house. Do you need to organize, clean or freshen things up? Figure out what you would like to tackle inside the house. You have a few months to get it all done. But don’t wait too long or you will have trouble getting up off the couch. It really is the nicest feeling when the house is super clean and everything is in its place. It’s a shame it never stays that way for long, in my case anyway.

So, start thinking about things you can do every day that you will look forward to. Be it a fancy coffee at your favorite shop (if you can afford it) or just using your favorite mug. Splurge a little for your favorite fruit or vegetable at the supermarket so you will enjoy your meals a little more. Take in nature any chance you can get. And if you find an extra warm, sunny day…do what you can to take it in. Go for a short walk. Eat lunch outside. Ride home with the windows down and the radio up! You can make every day special in the midst of routine.

It’s Monday, my favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand-new week full of opportunity and possibility. Make the most of it! Now, go make it your best day yet!

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