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Finding Joy Every single day

There are certain topics you are going to hear me refer to often. I will sort of be repeating myself but it’s on purpose because they are certain things we need reminding of and that is what I’m all about. Being your daily dose of inspiration and positivity and helping you realize that your life is so much better than you think it is. There are certain core values that you need to hear often and I’m here to do it for you!

With that said, we are going back to basics this week. Today I want to talk about doing small things that will bring you joy every day. I posted a picture of my fall decorations above. Both inside and outside. Now, do you understand why I rush putting the decorations up? Look how freaking cute they are! And the joy that I get by seeing them several times a day is worth me jumping the gun a little.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money you can put together something similar to what I’ve done. The outside décor cost a bit more than inside. Inside, I already had a number of things. I painted those wine bottles a few years ago. Just the cost of three cans of spray paint. I’ve also had the harvest sign for a few years. The little pumpkins in front are all from the dollar store. I also got those super cute leaf dishes from the dollar store and filled one with little leaves and pumpkins I bought in a pack from the dollar store. I also had a little bunch of mums break off from one of the plants, so I put them in a bud vase. If you aren’t great at arranging things like this just play around until it’s set up in a way you like. You are the only one you have to impress.

Outside was a little more money. I’ve actually had that little ghost for years. He is so freaking cute I can’t stand it. The hay bales were $10 apiece. The mums were $5 a piece and the big plant was the extravagance at $30. But you can put something together with just a few mums. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal.

The idea is to surround yourself with things that you love. And get excited about them. I love walking up the driveway and into the house taking in my seasonal décor. Speaking of getting excited about little things, this is how much of a dork I am. I am notoriously cheap. I hate spending our hard-earned money on things like trash bags which are pretty expensive in my opinion. So, I usually get them from BJ’s and buy the cheapest ones available. I had a coupon awhile back and got us some of those fancy scented ones. I have been waiting for us to use up the old ones for what seems like forever and now we are finally able to take advantage of our fresh smelling bags. Yes, this gets me excited! Does it make me a dork? Absolutely, but I’m an excited, happy dork!

I used to refuse to buy those expensive scented soaps from Bath and Body because I think they are a lot of money. But I found a sale here and there and would stock up. They are totally worth it to me. I love the scents and I make sure to only buy them on sale. I’ve also gotten into their body scrubs lately. I’ve been buying one that is cocoa shea, honey scented. It has oil in it and I scrub up my legs and feet trying to get that excess skin off. It leaves my skin feeling dewy soft and smelling so good. The last time I looked to purchase it I didn’t see it available so I’m hoping they didn’t discontinue it. I’m famously a product killer. If I like it…it will soon be discontinued.

I always use a coffee mug that I love to drink my coffee from every morning. I use the same mug every day. It brightens up my morning. I have my every day mugs that I have for company but Joe and I both have a dedicated mug for our coffee that we drink from every day. Mine is an LBI, beach mug and Joe’s is a NY Giants mug and is huge! It’s the little details that make things more enjoyable.

If you notice most of these things are a minimal price. That is the point. I love experiences but I also think things are important in our lives. They don’t have to be the most expensive items out there to bring you joy. Just find things that you like and surround yourself with as much of it as you can. Do you love the scent of a certain candle? Buy it and then burn it. I’ve always been known to buy stuff and never use it. I’m always saving stuff. I try not to do that anymore. You get stuff that you enjoy so you can enjoy it!

I love the smell of fresh cut flowers. I don’t get them very often because they are pricey, but you can get a bunch that is featured at the grocery store for $6.95. I splurge on that as often as I can. And I put them on that table in today’s picture. I stop to smell them every time (almost) I go by that table.

The trick is to find these little things that bring you joy and then….enjoy them! Get excited about them. Drink in the scents, relish the feel of your favorite products, and appreciate the sight of the home you spent so much time, energy and money into decorating. It is about the small things. The big things are great too but if you can find joy in the small things than the big things will mean even more.

It’s Taco Tuesday! Look around you as you go about your day today and find those things you can find joy in. And do it more every day. It will make your days so much better. Now, go make it your best day yet!

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