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I wasn't always this way. I used to be very serious. Oh and cool. I thought I was so cool. And I protected that as much as I could. You would never have found me making such poses then let alone posting them for the whole world to see. I'm not sure who I was trying to be so cool for. Was I trying to prove to myself how cool I was? Was it something I was hoping to project to others? Looking back now, I realize it was all so silly.

This little photo session came about because I asked my husband to take a picture of my new lounge pants and as he was taking it, I decided I would play model. It was fun. We were both cracking up. Though we may have confused the dog...lol. If there is anything I have learned over the last few years is that being silly and goofy is so much better than being cool. I am probably the least cool I have ever been (if I ever was at all) and I am the happiest, most fulfilled I have ever been. I imagine it had a lot do with how people perceived me. I wish we could learn at a younger age that it truly does not matter what people think of us. That we can't control what they think or how they see us no matter what. That people who are going to trash talk you are probably going to find something to say regardless of what you do. And if we could just realize that when someone does gossip about us, it is literally a few moments in time. Then they move on with their own lives. It's definitely not something to consider when being who you want to be.

I do all kinds of silly things now I would never have dreamed of in the past. My husband texts me when he gets to work everyday so I know he made it safely. I always tell him to have a great day and I love him. About a month or so ago I started telling him I love him more than something I consider to be a favorite. Such as, I love you more than my new Apple Airpad. Or a favorite food. Or my Louis Vuitton purse. Remember lasagna week? I told him one day that week that I loved him more than lasagna. Then I followed up with...no wait! Okay, yes, I love you more than lasagna. It's fun. It mixes things up a little bit and it makes us appreciate each other even more. Do little things like this to make life a little more goofy, fun and enjoyable.

Being the former pessimist I am, I know how hard it is to make a switch over night. So here is where you start. Surround yourself with positive people. Yes, I mean on social media. There are so many doomsday people filling up your feed right now. Stop paying attention to them. It's as easy as a click. Unfollow! Then, fill your feed with people who will demonstrate how to get through this tough time with a little grace and positivity. Choose people who will offer you hope and real tips on how to make these days just a little better.

Here is who I suggest you follow on Facebook and Instagram....

The Hopefulist, duh!

Rachel Hollis

Oprah Winfrey

Brendon Burchard

Jenna Kutcher (or the goal digger podcast)

Dave Ramsey (for great financial advice)

Gretchin Rubin (author of the happiness project)

Ed Mylett (just follow him, he will inspire you)

Clear your mind of any self consciousness. Just do what they say and see what happens. Even if you feel foolish. Some things will stick and some things won't. I didn't truly start to change until I was willing to wholeheartedly embrace the concepts they were teaching. There are still some things I still feel too foolish doing. Like affirmations. They are just not my thing. BUT I do write things down on my mirror that I see several times a day so it is sort of the same thing. Be open to anything. And honestly, you will see things start to change for you and your mindset.

I hope you have a brand new social media feed after today. Pay attention to these people. You won't regret it. It is Taco Tuesday. Or whatever the hell you are making for dinner tonight Tuesday. Hope its something yummy but healthy. Now, go make today...your best day yet!

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