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Focus on the long term!

Ironically, it was one year ago that I was informed that my services would no longer be needed at my job. It was a blow. It felt terrible. It was scary as we need my income to pay all our bills. But this one of those times when Facebook can really help. I posted about what happened and the outpouring of love and support was overwhelming. It really made me feel a little better about the situation. At least I had amazing people in my life that I could count on. I remember we had a trip planned to drive down to North Carolina to visit my brother and we decided to take the trip anyway. I was sitting in the back of the car (with the dog who gets too upset to be back there by herself...yes, I'm that crazy about my dog) when I posted it and I read all the posts to me over and over for the whole 8 hour drive. It was just what I needed.

What I went through then is very similar to what is happening now. Have you been forced off work? Have you applied for unemployment yet? I hear that some starts are waiving the first week waiting period. That's some good news. Also, the world knows what is going on. Call your mortgage company, landlord, credit card company. Anything that you don't have the money to pay for right now and see what they can offer you. I know that some mortgage companies are letting you skip a payment right now. Whether that is yours or not, I don't know. Call them, find out. Keep in mind what I told you about Dave Ramsey's advice last week. When you find your income cut off...focus on paying these four things and in this order....food, utilities, shelter and transportation costs. Don't be afraid to ask for help. This is not a time to be prideful. We're all in this together.

Meanwhile, think ahead. How will things look in 3 months, 6 months? Focus on the future. I know we don't have a lot of answers right now but this is the time to put some serious thought into your future. What can you do in the future that is different from what you do now? Is it possible to take some courses online during this time on something you've always been interested in? Can you potentially make a career switch because you have more time to focus on that now? When I lost my job last year I had no idea what was next for me. There are very few morning radio jobs in the area and I explored any option there was. I put some serious thought into how I wanted the rest of my life to go. How can I do what I love and make some money at it?

If you don't know my story, this whole business started one day when I was driving to work. I heard a song on the radio that really resonated with me and inspired me. It was "A million Dreams"; by Pink from The Greatest Showman Reimagined soundtrack. Listening to the words of this song made me want to do more with my life. And I was already very happy co-hosting a morning radio show. But something in that song told me I was capable of more.

I had been putting a lot of thought into the fact that I managed to change my lifelong pessimism into loving life each and every day. What were the things that helped me make that transition? What can I do to help other pessimists do the same? I decided to start a blog focuses on the changes in me, what worked for me and hoping my story would inspire others. I wrote something everyday that focused on positivity. I did this for about two weeks and then I lost my job. That is when I came up with the idea to do a podcast. I've been working and expanding on things ever since. It hasn't been easy. It hasn't been comfortable. But it has been so rewarding. I feel fulfilled and that is gold in my book. You won't know how good your life can be until have a feeling of fulfillment. I am learning as I go. I am making mistakes but failing forward. Everything won't go perfectly but I'm in it for the long haul and willing to do whatever it takes to get my message out to as many people as I can. People need hope and positivity now more than ever.

What is it you've always wanted to do? What can you do to move that along in a way that could potentially bring in income for you? When it comes to finances now, try not to panic (I know, easier said than done) but there is a lot of leeway right now because of the virus. Take advantage of every break that comes along. Do what you need to in order to take care of yourself and your family. But think about the future as well. Is this an opportunity to change things up? Maybe go in a different direction? Remember that my whole business is based off a song I heard on the radio on the way to work one morning. Inspiration can come from anywhere! Need someone to bounce ideas off of? I'd love to help. Send me an email through Facebook, Instagram or at thehopefulist1@gmail.com.

It's Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Focus on the big picture. It will help you get through these tough days. Now, try to make today, your best day yet!

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