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From couch to discipline

When it comes to training yourself to have some discipline for a certain goal you are striving for; don’t bite off more than you can chew. Like the quote above says…people tend to think they can do everything right now but when it comes to long term results they don’t think they can get much done. Don’t overshoot. Don’t wake up one day and think…I’m going to run a marathon when you’ve never been a runner. Also, don’t think you are going to show up at the gym that first day and get in a two-hour workout. If you haven’t been working out in a gym, then you need to build yourself up. Are you doing cardio? Start slow. Do ten minutes the first day and see how that goes. If you feel like you can go longer then go ahead, but don’t put all these huge expectations on yourself that you can’t possibly live up to. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you tell yourself you are going to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and only get 20 minutes in…you will more than likely feel like you failed. But what if you only required you do ten minutes and you are able to finish 20? How will you feel as compared to coming up ten minutes short? It’s a world of difference! You will feel proud and like you achieved something as compared to feeling like you let yourself down.

It’s the same with changing up your food plan. Don’t make such drastic changes unless you are including foods you already love. It will be difficult to cut off all the food you love for a long period of time and only eat kale. There should be some food that you love (or at least like) that is considered healthy. I have been a master dieter my entire life, so I’ve picked up a few things along the way. One thing I know if the more you eat something, the more you come to like that food. I have found that I really enjoy the chicken I have for dinner every night. After much experimentation I figured out the way I like it cooked the best. I pair it with some of my favorite vegetables. I use frozen vege’s in the winter but as soon as they become available, I load up on corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. You can find healthy options you enjoy if you look hard enough.

Work in little treats here and there is you feel you can’t stop cold turkey. Look for small portions. I keep those tiny, York peppermint patties around as a small treat after dinner. It satisfied that sweet tooth but was small enough to be accounted into my days calories and such. Some people work well with a cheat meal (not a whole day) on the weekend. Some people lose all control once they go off course. What has your past experience shown you? In what way can you go about it that you know it can work for you?

Like I was talking to you about yesterday, don’t commit to something you fear may be too difficult for you. Stop making promises to yourself that you can’t keep. I know we all want what we want instantly but these things take time. Give yourself some grace and be patient. We all want to lose weight instantly but how can you set yourself up to succeed? Think about the long term. It is way more beneficial to learn habits that will work for you then to starve yourself for two weeks and then go crazy trying to eat all the food you denied yourself. It’s a fine line…just like everything else in life.

So, think about a plan that can really work for you. Start small and work your way to bigger goals and more stringent plans. Whether we are talking about food intake, exercise or going about any type of discipline. Set yourself up to succeed. Figure out a way it will work best for you. Remove all the barriers that could get in your way. Join a program that will give you guidance if you prefer to have rules to be followed. There are many options. Seek them out and make a plan work for you.

Practice a little patience. It’s hard, I know. We want what we want and we want it right now. But that usually isn’t the best route when we are trying to learn a new discipline. Baby steps if you need to. Set yourself up for success. Otherwise you’re just going to make yourself feel bad. There’s no point in that.

It’s taco Tuesday! Grab a healthy taco and start working on a realistic plan for your goal. Then get started. And make today, your best day yet!

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