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Get a drill sergeant for discipline!

Are you having some trouble with your discipline? Are you following the tips I've been giving but it still isn't working out the way you hope? I feel ya. I've been there. I can wake up with the greatest intentions and still get nothing done. So what then? Get yourself an accountability partner! Line someone up that will keep you in line and make sure you are doing what you say you will. Some people will be okay with just checking in with their spouse. Other people may need someone to be hard on them. To question their every excuse. To dig deep to help find out what it is that is really stopping you. Do you have someone in your life like this? If not, get ya one!

Hopefully you have a spouse, friend, sister or parent that can serve this purpose for you. If not, you can ask for help in a Facebook group. There are so many groups now designed for so many different purposes. Are you looking to get organized? There's a group for that. Are you trying to spend more time on your knitting? There's a group for that. Are you looking to build up skills in a particular area? I'm sure there is a group for that. Health and fitness goals? There are a billion groups for that? How about business type goals? Yep, groups for that too. Ask for an accountability partner inside that group and I'm sure you will find at least one. Probably more. Do you need more accountability than that? Oh, I have an idea for that too!

Do you know you can hire someone for just about anything? Seriously. Dependent of course on how much money you have to spend on something like this but if you are really serious about something, you can usually find a way. This is why people who hire trainers are usually so much more successful. They have an accountability partner. You have someone guiding you and telling exactly what you need to do to meet your goal. And if you don't show up or work hard enough, they are going to tell you that. I had a business coach for awhile. I really want to get another one but they can be pricey. But it's usually well worth the price once you see results. You have to look at costs like these as investments. Do your research and make sure you are getting someone who knows their sh*t and can get you where you are going.

As you move along in this process you should be (hopefully) how to hold yourself accountable. Because your partner won't always be there. There may be times when you will be on your own and it's important to learn how to depend on yourself. Once you get a little success under your belt it's usually easier to stick with it. And they eventually become new habits and part of your regular routine. Then you won't even need reminding...you'll just automatically do what you do. And then you can tackle a new goal! Doesn't that sound exciting! I know, I'm excited too! Tomorrow we will focus on the best time to undertake a new challenge/routine/goal/etc.

It's hump day! This week is going fast! Is it just me? Go on out there and be a badass. You know I'm cheering you on!

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