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Do you know what makes life more fun and exciting? Getting excited about life! I've said this before and I stand by it. When you are doing something you love, embrace it with the enthusiasm of a 4-year old on Christmas morning. Remember how excited you used to get for things when you were a kid? There is no reason we can't still feel that kind of joy and wonder. Just try it. I think you will be hooked.

I went on a boat ride with some friends a couple of weekends ago. We were heading out to do some crabbing for the day. As we were on our way out I was bouncing up and down in my seat and yelling "weee" whenever we hit a wave. My friend who was driving even said; "Wendy is acting like a 5-year old today." I thought to myself; "well, it's really more like a four year old on Christmas morning, but close enough." I get this excited because it makes the whole experience more fun. I also want to make sure the person who blessed me with some time in their boat know how much I love and appreciate being included.

Did you ever come up behind someone at a traffic light that is rocking out in their car. They are dancing all around and shaking their hair. I used to see these people and laugh at them. I thought they looked like idiots. Well, the joke was on me. Because they obviously didn't care how they looked and were having a blast. Why can't we all do this once in a while. I know we are adults and we are supposed to act accordingly but we don't have to do that when we are alone in the car. Let loose. Have some fun. Stop being so serious! I have spent most of my life being super serious about everything. And I have been unhappy for most of my life. Now that I get super excited about things...I have so much more fun. Some people may think I'm weird. I don't really care. They are welcome to their serious, boring, hum drum life.

Do you know what else is so fun? Breaking out in song whenever the mood strikes. I do this so often now and I feel really bad for my husband because I can't sing...like at all. But I don't care. There is something so great about singing at the top of your lungs that makes everything good. It's like your heart sings when you sing! Ha! Or how about an impromptu dance party. Shake your money maker. While you are singing of course. Embrace your inner goof ball. I'm telling you...she is dying to come out. Once you rediscover her you will want to visit more and more.

Life can be super serious or super fun. It's all up to you. Do you ever see the movie Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock? She is very prim and proper in the movie and is all about appearances. She is having a conversation with her mom about the way she acts and how often she humiliates her and herself. Her mom points out that she can think that about her if she wants but she's always been happy. It's true. I know it's hard to stop worrying about what people think of you. But you wouldn't worry about it nearly as much if you realized how little they actually did. If they do, I guarantee it's fleeting. If people are going to hate, they will find something to say regardless of what you do so you may as well have fun.

Oh, it's Tuesday already. Are you going to grab a taco? How about a margarita? Let loose and have a little fun today. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it. Now go on out there and be a badass. As always, I'm cheering you on.

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