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Get Moving

It’s time to move that body of yours. That is what it is made for….and if you want to continue to move it well into old age you have to move it or lose it!

I wanted to talk about fitness and nutrition this week because of my pulling my shoulder out incident last week. I was lifting some very heavy bags and the fact that I work out should have helped me avoid such a situation, but it didn’t. I do credit working out and conditioning my body with how fast I was able to bounce back though. I overused it on Thursday. I woke up feeling okay on Friday, but I think I actually pulled the muscle while I was showering that morning. From that point on I was in a lot of pain and it was hard to move it. I was doing the same time of heavy lifting that day as well and I got through the day. I came home and put ice on and off it for the rest of the day and it really did feel so much better by Saturday morning.

You really have no idea how often you use your shoulder until every time you move it, it’s painful. Now, things like this will happen from time to time. It’s not really that big of a deal but like I said, I think the fact that I already work out gave me a step up in my fast recovery time. My body is much stronger than it was in just the beginning of this year. I am a chronic on and off worker outer (yes, I said…worker outer). I first started working with a trainer when I was around 30 and I’ve done strength training on a few years, off a few years for the past 20 years. I hadn’t worked out much in the last couple of years but I joined a gym in January and have been going ever since.

My friend Angela hooked me up with a good workout and I’ve been back to re-building my muscles. Making myself stronger and able to do more all the time. Ladies, do not be afraid of lifting weights. We women do not bulk up like men do. We don’t have the same hormones. I’ve been working out for many years and am far from bulky. In fact, I invite a little bulk…but no, no where to be found!

Conditioning your muscles and making them bigger and stronger is so important. It’s how you can avoid injuries or bounce back quickly from them. It’s how you are going to have the energy and stamina to keep moving and playing when all your other friends will be sitting in their rocking chairs. If you can hire a trainer then you definitely should. They can show you how to do things properly and how to get the most out of your workouts.

Even if you can’t even think about weight training at this point…get moving. Do something. You have to get in some activity as often as you can. Go for a walk. The dog would love to come along. Go for a bike ride. Play some pickle ball. Go golfing. Stroll along the beach. Just get out there and do something. Sitting around is not good for you. It doesn’t do your body any good. So please, consider doing something. You will be so happy one day when you can still run around doing all the things you want when everyone else is stuck behind watching.

I will get into techniques and more in the coming days. And how you can push yourself and keep your motivation up. Now let’s do it…let’s get physical! Woo Hoo!

It’s hump day. Half way there people. Now, go make it your best day yet!

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