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Get your rest!

How are your sleeping habits? Do you get enough sleep? I know most of us do not. This is something that must change in order to be at your best. There are so many issues that pop up when we aren't getting the rest that we need. We have a lack of energy feeling sluggish. We crave comfort foods which aren't necessarily the best to eat. Mostly, we are cranky! And no one wants to be around a cranky pants.

I struggled with insomnia for years. I mean, like 20 years. It was truly awful and what was worse, was that I got used to it instead of solving it. I tried at first with medication which isn't always the best thing to rely on. I got the typical sleeping pills from doctors but even they didn't seem to work for me. This is when I started getting into bad habits like falling asleep with the tv on. I did this in order to quiet my mind. If I could focus on a mindless sitcom it may be just enough to lull me to sleep. And it helped for a long time. But then I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. I can't tell you how many times I woke up 2-3 hours before my alarm and just laid in bed praying to fall back to sleep. It was my normal. This is also why I'm such a big napper. I was always so exhausted through my day I needed a nap for a pick me up.

Lack of sleep like mine is usually do to another issue that is going on and until you find that issue your efforts will be fruitless. As I've mentioned before I started taking an anti-anxiety medication a few years ago. Honestly, my therapist recommended it because of the amount of stress I was under on a regular basis. She actually said she feared for my health stating I was at risk for a stroke or possible heart issues. I had always been anti-medication for the long but that woke me up. I discussed it with my doctor and he seemed to feel the medication was something worth trying. Luckily it helped me tremendously. But the bonus side effect was it cured my insomnia. Without even realizing that it would help this it has become one of my favorite aspects of taking this medication. Obviously, I had anxiety issues and when waking up in the middle of the night my mind started racing immediately which is why it was so difficult for me to fall back to sleep. If you have had a long term problem like I did I urge you to dig deeper to find the real reason behind your lack of sleep.

We know there are all types of remedies to attempt to lull us to sleep but we often don't take part in them because they are different from what we're used to. Things like a nice cup of sleep assistant tea at the end of the day. Or putting your devices away an hour before bed. Or journaling to get those crazy thoughts out of our head before diving into the pillow. Any and all of these things are great ideas. They are all a way to wind down and destress before attempting to get your rest.

Time is also a major issue. I hear so often that we don't have time to get the proper amount of sleep. You must find the time. Unless you have babies you have to find a way to get some sleep. You will be able to get all the things you need to get done so much more efficiently if you are properly rested. Schedule your sleep if you need to. Make sure that you have enough time each day to get at least 7 hours of sleep. If you don't make the time for sleep, your body will lucky make sure you don't get your to-do list done anyway. Find a way to get it done. It's for your health. If you don't have your health, you don't have much. Make it a priority because it really is.

Have I put you to sleep? Are you still with me? Think about what I'm saying. If you aren't getting enough sleep do whatever you need to in order to remedy that. It's so important in order to be your absolute best. And that is what we are always striving for, right? Of course! Now go on out there and be badass but then rest like a rock! I'm right here, cheering you on.

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