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Getting through tough times- loss of job

I’m pretty much an expert on this one. I have lost a lot of jobs in my lifetime. Mostly it’s the nature of the business I’m in but sometimes I was fired because people didn’t think I did a good job. Losing a job can rock you to your core. It can shake your whole world upside down and if you blame yourself or don’t even know the reason why then it can be even worse. It seems strange to me that employers aren’t honest when letting people go from their jobs. I lost a job once when I was still a teenager and I later found out they thought I talked too much on the job. Why couldn’t they tell me that? Wouldn’t that be beneficial for me to know going forward? They are already giving me the boot so just be honest and don’t be such a chicken! Geez!

I lost a job one time when I was a server at a bar/restaurant. I wasn’t always the friendliest of servers. I knew this. I used to be a bit of a grouch. But it still hurts when you are told that you are driving customers away. (I actually think it was one regular who just didn’t like me. He wasn’t nice to me, so I wasn’t very nice to him. I wasn’t rude but I wasn’t friendly either.)

I was laid off from an office job once and when they needed someone for that position again, they didn’t call me. I haven’t worked in an office much and I think I am too efficient for such jobs. I know that sounds kind of funny but I’m extremely task oriented. I had to be in radio. If I wasn’t ready when those microphones went on, then I looked like a fool. So, when I had something that had to be done I did it immediately. There was no putting it off for later. Which is what I think happens a lot in an office atmosphere. So, I ended up sitting around a lot because I always got everything done. I don’t think they liked me sitting around. It wasn’t like I wasn’t doing my work….I just got it done pretty fast.

When it comes to my radio jobs, I have usually been able to pinpoint exactly why I have lost certain jobs. Most of them being a change of ownership and it is typical for them fire the current on-air staff and start fresh. Other times I knew I made a mistake about things I had said regarding my future at said radio station. I’m still baffled as to what happened with this last go around. I believe with my whole heart I didn’t do anything to warrant losing my job. Which makes it hurt even worse. I can’t even think….I won’t make that mistake again, because I don’t think I made a mistake!

BUT now that it has happened, I need to move on from it. I need to get moving on the next chapter of my career. You may or may not know that I started this blog about a week or so before I lost my job. So, I was already writing. The idea for a podcast came about a week later. I am just so tired of losing my job for things that are out of my control. So, the only way I can avoid that is to take control myself. I can still do what I love and, in a way, that I get to call all the shots. I make all the decisions. I pick the blog posts; I pick the topics…I decide how long or short I want to make my episode that day. It’s great and I’ve never loved doing anything as much as I love this. And mostly, I feel like I’m helping people. I feel like there are those who want to hear my message. Who are truly benefiting from my message and that makes me so excited and happy! I want to help inspire and show you positivity every darn day! Do you know what the best part of all of this is? I discovered my true calling. I know, deep down inside, that this is what I am meant to be doing. There is no second guessing, wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I know I’m on the right path. And you will too once you find your true calling.

If people are telling you some of the things in the quote above…DON’T STOP. If you are being you and doing the job properly in the way you know how to do it best then you keep doing what you are doing. Some people still don’t like women in authority positions. They get called bossy, bitchy, pushy, all kinds of names. In the same situations that men would be called leaders and intuitive. Don’t back down. If there is an employer who doesn’t like your tactics. If you aren’t breaking any rules or company policies, then you do you. I’m not telling you to go rogue or anything but don’t let others make you feel bad for being aggressive and ambitious.

If you do end up in a situation like me and don’t know where to go next. Ask yourself every question possible about where you can head next. Do you need to find a job with a company? That’s what I always thought. Then it occurred to me….I really don’t in order to do what I want to. Question everything? What do you love doing more than anything? Can you make money at it? Even if it may take a while to start bringing in some cash. If you can swing it financially, then please chase that dream. If not now, then when????? Now is the time. In fact, don’t wait to lose your job. Figure out your dream now. RIGHT NOW! And get moving on it. Do whatever it takes. When you are on your intended path you won’t wonder if you are doing the right thing. You will KNOW. You’ll feel it. You won’t look for validation from other people because you don’t need it. You know what you are doing, and you know, deep in your heart, what it takes to get there. I get tons of feedback from people who listen and read my stuff but that’s only about content. Not the mechanics of it. Find your passion. Pursue it with all that you’ve got. You will never regret a day in your life. Trust me! Three months ago, I was coming home from work everyday frustrated that I had to work with a partner who was extremely difficult. No more! I’m free! I’m happy! I’m doing me! And I’ve never felt better in my entire life. I want this for you too! If you need some help figuring out your passion…message me! Maybe we can brainstorm together. I want everyone to have this amazing life I’m leading, and I will do all I can to get you started!

It’s hump day! And just so you know, my 50th episode is coming up on Friday. 50 episodes in two months! It will be a party day on The Hopefulist! I hope you can join us! And check out Hopefulist.com! Now, go make it your best day yet!

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