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Give yourself the credit you deserve

Today we are going to celebrate ourselves and all that we have accomplished. This isn’t an ego trip or a brag session. This is intended to be a much needed check in to remind ourselves of, not only, what we are capable of but how much we have already accomplished in our lives. It’s something that women are not good at doing. It makes us feel conceited and we aren’t supposed to brag about ourselves or our accomplishments. I’m here to tell you...that is pure B.S and I want you to stand up and celebrate yourself and everything you have achieved in your life!

In the picture above I have included a letter I wrote to myself in March of this year. I had just started my blog and was probably reading a book to pump myself up that told me to write a letter stating all my accomplishments. It’s not something we are encouraged to do and we feel selfish when we do. But I did it. I wrote down all the obstacles I overcame in the radio industry. How I was able to make it a living at it for so long as the field shrunk and there were fewer and fewer jobs available. I mentioned how I wanted to move to the shore full time and did. How I wanted to purchase a house here and did it. How I made a radio comeback and was doing really well. And to keep all of this in mind as I started my blog and considered a podcast. Ironically, I lost my job three days after I wrote this letter to myself. So now, I can look back five months ago and see how far I’ve come from that point. I now do a daily podcast and get to talk to all of you every day. I have made great strides in building my brand and have a lot of exciting things on the horizon. I have learned to do so many things that I never even thought about learning five months ago. I am quickly becoming the Instagram Queen…lol! I am learning to read the analytics of my website. Oh yeah…I have a freaking website! Yay me! I’m moving along and it is good to stop once in awhile and check in with all that you have conquered.

Now, I need you to do the same thing. It should include every aspect of your life. How far have you come in your career? Have you gone back to school to pursue completely new? Have you done any of this while raising a family? Have you started fresh in a brand-new career? That is so hard as you get older. I can attest to this from experience. Do you get your kids dressed and out the door every day? Do you keep your house in some sort of semblance of order? Do you get meals to family members every day? What about your health goals? Have you started doing more physical activity (because you should if you haven’t). Have you managed to keep at a healthy weight? If you have put on some pounds, then be proud that it isn’t more. Have you lost any weight? These are all things to cheer yourself on for! So, do it. Give yourself a hand. You deserve it. You and your Badass self!

Seriously though, I really want you to sit down and write yourself a letter ticking off ALL the accomplishments you have tackled in your life. It can take as little as five minutes if you focus. It won’t take long but it will make you feel so good about yourself. I didn’t even realize how much I had to be proud of until I put it down on paper all together and saw it in print. I implore you to do it. If there is any piece of advice you take from me, please do this one thing.

For me personally it made me feel so accomplished and so powerful. It made me realize that I had come so far and how much more I was capable of. If was able to break through barriers in my last field I would be even better at it now because I’m older and wiser. Experience has taught me what works for me and what doesn’t. And this experience showed me what a Badass I really am. So, take a few minutes to do this. Because I happen to know you are a Badass too!

It is “I wish it were cocktail Friday” Thursday. Set your intention to have a great day and make it your best day yet!

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