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Goal Check!

Are you a resolution maker? Did you make any of them at the start of the new year and decade? Even if you kept them to yourself or don't call them resolutions you probably planned to do a few things a little differently. What are some of the things you had on your radar? Did you want to drop a few pounds? Maybe, not drink as much. Get the house organized and in order. Pursue a promotion at work. Be more present with your children. Are any of these resonating with you?

So, how are we doing? Are we on track at all or have you given up completely on what you were hoping to accomplish? It's time for a review. First of all, did you make your progress measurable? You must find a way to know if you are actually making progress. Have you lost some weight? Have you cut down on your drinking by the amount you drink on the occasions that you drink or cut down on how often? Have you made a list of what to tackle when it comes to organizing the house and is anything crossed off that list? Have you gotten any feedback at your job about the work you do? Is there a promotion that is already available or are you just dazzling them with your fabulous work ethic and special skills you possess? Have you put aside extra time daily, weekly, monthly to spend with the children to do something meaningful with them?

Once you are able to measure how much progress you have made you can review your performance. Are you making progress, staying stagnant or even sliding back a little bit? No matter where you are, it's okay. This is why we do these reviews and assessments to see where we are as compared to where we want to go. If you have lost some weight but not as much as you hoped, hang in there. What if I told you that during my month long challenge or no carbs, sweets or alcohol I was only able to drop 6 pounds? Isn't that pathetic? Don't you feel bad for me? I know I do! But I definitely felt a difference in my clothes. I know I lost inches which is still good. I still lost some weight. And best of all, I didn't put any more weight on. There were other reasons beside losing weight that I wanted to tackle this challenge anyway so it makes the disappointment a little less. I still got the other benefits I was searching for. It's often best to have several reasons for pursuing a goal so you aren't relying on just one reason to keep yourself motivated.

But you are where you are right now and we can work from there. It's still very early in the year so you can assess what is working and what isn't. You certainly won't wait until the start of next year to try again, right? What are some of the roadblocks that have gotten in your way? What can you do to get around them? How can you plan out your day to get those goals in when you can? Where is said goal in your priorities list? I know that we get busy and things come up that throw us off. Prepare for those ahead of time. Aside from sickness or health issues, you can still probably stay on track. Even if you are going through stressful times, going off your diet isn't going to help. In fact, going off my diet is usually very bad for my finances. Then I want to go out to eat and grab fast food or buy delicious treats. If I'm staying on track I eat that food that I already paid for in my fridge. Or when I have a gathering that will have a lot of food and drinks, I bring my own. I have a book club meeting tonight so I will bring a soda along so I don't get tempted to have a cocktail. I will also either stay away from the snack table altogether or find some veggies to nibble on. Make a plan for those things that can cause you to veer off course.

The weekend is a good time to do these types of things so you can sit down and do a decent assessment. If things aren't working, make a new plan...one that will work. You've got this one life and I want you to achieve your goals. Yes, it is hard at times, but that is what makes it worth it. And you are worth the work. So grab a cute notebook and a fabulous pen and go over that plan. Or make the plan. Or reassess the plan. But get the plan in order. And then work it, girl.

It's the weekend....cocktail Friday! Hope you have a chance to grab an adult beverage later and do some relaxing this weekend. And do that review! You won't regret it! Now, go make today, your best day yet!

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