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Good isn't good enough

This is one of my favorite quotes. I'm not even sure who said it but I had it on a little sign that hung in my apartment for many years. I also had it stenciled on my bedroom wall when I moved into my condo. I love it so much because it's a reminder that possibilities are endless. Whatever it is you want, shoot for more. Because even if you don't want/need that much it will put you further than you ever thought possible. Don't go small. Go BIG...really big. Be a force, be unforgettable, be all that you can be and even more.

When I was at the Rise business conference, Rachel was talking to some people in the crowd and asking what their sales goal for the year was. One woman said she hoped to make 500 thousand in sales this year. Rachel immediately said, okay....so your goal is 750-thousand because if you can do 500 in sales, then you can do 750. She has a whole podcast about how your belief in what you think is possible is actually stopping you from getting there. She used an example of wanting to hit the 10 million dollar mark in her business. She had always dreamed of that number and thought it was so out of reach. But as she got close to it sales started to plateau. She realized that she was only doing enough to get to that 10 million mark and she was coming up short. When she decided to increase the goal to 15 million she easily passed the 10 million mark within a few months. And now, I can't even imagine how much her business brings in every year but it's a lot!

So thinking small, thinking "this is good enough" will hold you back from so much of your potential. You have nothing to lose by shooting for bigger and better. It can be scary. In fact, you may not even think you deserve or should ask for something so bold. But if you don't go for it someone else will so why not you? I have played small all my life. I have always thought if I could get just a little more money I would be fine. That's all I need, I would always tell myself. And I never got the little bit more money I was looking for. I had gotten to a point where we weren't constantly worried about bills it was far from easy street. Well, no more. I want so much more. I want everything I've ever wanted and more. Because, like I said, if I don't go for it...someone else will. There is enough to go around. There really is. So don't feel guilty about taking or wanting too much. Everyone has the power inside themselves to make their dreams come true. Don't feel bad that others aren't tapping into their own possibilities. And don't let others small mindedness hold you back. If people get their back up because you have big, bodacious dreams...let them. You aren't hurting them. You are really only reminding them that they think they can't play as big as you are. That's a them problem, not a you problem.

So, what is it you want? What do you need to do to get there? Then double up on that plan. Make it more bold, do more work, be willing to go in even more. Because this is your one life. Make it as badass as possible. Don't hold back.You are worth whatever you can imagine yourself to be. Don't sell yourself short. Now, go for it!

It's cocktail Friday, y'all! Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. Now, go make today your best day yet!

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